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'Most Haunted' @ Walton Hall in 12 miutes


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Only just found it but if you're all bored..... The ''Most Haunted' TV prog is about to be shown on channel 'REALLY' at 12pm (midnight).

Channel is 129 on Virgin Media, I'm not sure what it is on other service providers.

Yes I know it's probably all faked but hey this is Walton Hall we are talking about.. and it has always been said is supposed to be haunted by Lady Greenall and chums

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So did anyone watch it then?  Still in Lancashire apparently and lots of mentions of Lady Deeeeearsbury.  Never heard it pronounced like that before. 

When the woman presenter asked her accomplice what was on the spot before the hall was built he  'the expert dressed in black' said Walton Old Hall stood there.  Naah that wasn't on that spot Walton Old Hall was where the Warrington Sports Club buildings and grounds are now, hence the reason the road and housing next to it are called 'Old Hall Close'.  You'd think they would get their facts right ha ha !!

Load of tosh and fake if you ask me with and not half as good as I though it would be, just some tapping, a fan going round...but ooh the cellar was a bit creepy with he doors closing and the keg rattling.  Bet nobody will go down there alone now though  :lol: :lol:

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Spooky but how do you know it had thrown itself off the bar if the room was unoccupied Davy51, that means you weren't in it either....unless you are the ghost eek :lol:


There were 3 of us in the bar & the landlord was putting his takings in the safe about 6 feet away from me. The other room was empty & in darkness & we all heard the glass smash on the floor. It had moved a good 12 inches from where it was stood, clean & neatly stacked, to fall to the floor.

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