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Tories almost wiped out in Warrington, elected Mayor, new bridges and EU


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It's quite amusing to see politicians like Andy Burnham, jumping at the chance to become Mayors of these new "City Regions"; as if they'll be given enough cash to make a difference; they'll be starved of cash in line with the austerity doctrine and then blamed for service cuts, instead of central Government !   :wink:

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I noticed when Burnham was addressing the Hillsborough supporters a few months ago he gave himself a dodgy scouse accent. I think he may be looking for a nice cushy number nearer home.


nothing to do with him being from Aintree then? 

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Did you here about the Conservative MP who was found dead in an Everton strip ?


The police had to dress him up in womans underwear and shove an orange in his mouth in order to save his family from the embarrassment

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