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Vote Remain - or else!

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lol ! Nice one Asp, not far off the real thing ! An ex-NATO chief is now forcasting WW3 with a Russian invasion of the Baltic States, not sure if that's because of Brexit, but it would certainly mean Exit for us all !

I heard it suggested that we are already having WW3, not as we have come to know world wars of the past, but that with all of the conflict and tensions going on in the world, it is in effect a world at war. With regards to the Baltic States, I would suggest that Russia would have military control of them in less than a week if it wanted to....and NATO would probably be powerless/indecisive to do anything....or take the view, are the Baltic States worth defending, given the possible consequences of wider escalation.

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Think the problem Paul, is that "the train of events" usually takes over and tit for tat developments begin to escalate. They did a war room scenario programme on TV, which began with the Baltic States, led to the sinking of a US ship, a US tactical nuclear strike; then quickly up to the big decision - do we use the nuclear strategic arsenal? The majority of ex-military and civil servants in the "war room" decided on balance, that if the Russians nuked the UK, killing millions, it wouldn't be a sane response to nuke them in revenge, using Trident. However, the scenario, which presumed a rather timid response to events by our "allies" in the EU, didn't dwell on the possible US strategic response. Since the end of the "cold war", the Warsaw Pact was dissolved but not NATO; since then both NATO and the EU have expanded Eastward, and to a resurgent Nationalist Russia, this is viewed as a threat, hence their response in the Ukraine and Crimea. I guess if you provoke the bear you'll eventually get a response.

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Typical politician sort then.... says one thing then changes his mind and goes down a completely different path once elections are over.

Saying that he's not the only who's confused and just can't make their minds up.  Not surprising really though with all the hype and scaremongering going on from both sides.    

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