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Watch Batteries


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Not sure were to put this but need a few watch batteries and finding it impossible to get them at a reasonable price in Warrington.


Last time I paid £16 for a life time battery for my Seiko but lost the receipt within hours.

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try the pound shops they usually sell packs of assorted batteries of watch size. a lot depends on what size it is, as i have a few watches that the packs don't cover.


If you are not sure then look at the battery markings and then see what the AG equivalent is online make a note of it and have a look at the cards in the shop to see if they have that size on.

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I wouldn't bother buying any batteries from the pound shops. I don't know what it is with them but they never seem to last very long.  The AA ones I bought for my camera for example only lasted long enough to take 5 photo's and the little round ones I bought for kitchen scales never even worked.

Milky, I don't know where you live or if it's close to you but there's a watch/clock sales and repair shop on Walton Road in Stockton Heath (corner of Heath Street).  It's been there for was long as I can remember and they are really helpful.  They sell batteries and would put it in for you too if you don't know how to get the back of yours.

There's also a stall in the Golden Square that do watch repairs, batteries and stuff.  I think it's outside the pound bakery but not 100% sure, but it's one of those in the walkway as you walk round the shops if that makes sense.


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thanks Dizzy, I tried the jeweler in the market. I wondered round many shops in Warrington and they all seem to want similar prices. Seeing asd a battery only costs £2 maybe £3 at the most retail the cost taking the back of a watch seems high. Think I need to order a tool of ebay


I actually bought a watch today, a retro digital watch from Casio for £7, I have two now as Timsons wanted £10 to replace the battery on the one I had. I now have 14 watches, most are cheap or cheapish ones I received as gifts, although some are quite nice. Need to buy myself one of these that work by hand movement, on solar or is rechargeable,


To replace a battery in a Rolex costs between £60 and over a £100

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Only tools I have ever needed to remove the back from a watch is an old but sharp penknife, a pair of tweezers to remove the old battery and replace the new one in and a magnifying glass to check the size. (these days my glasses as well but i am getting a bit older)


The hardest part is finding the spot to insert the knife. Most watches have a little lip on the edge somewhere to help but it is not always obvious. Once you have found this lip insert the knife and gently lever off the back. i find if i put my thumb over the spot whilst levering off the back it helps. Not yet come across one with a screw on back.


Dizz i never use the AA ones from the pound shop for anything other than the remote for the tv. The button cells i have not had any problems with. even teh ones that have been in my battery box for a few years. think i have only ever had one dud and that may have been put back in the box by mistake.


Milky I have sever wind up watches (including one that is over 100 years old) and find that you need to be the sort of person that will wind them every day without fail.

Not sure about the solar ones, may be me being a bit thick but how can they charge if they are up your sleeve all the time?

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