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One of life's losers

harry hayes

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A quite unbelievable 65 years ago yesterday I was called up for national service in weather as cold as this.

Korea and all that.

A horse called National Service ran yesterday and  it won and I never bet it.  

Why does life treat me this way ?


Fifty one years ago tomorrow, I joined the police.   A copper for your thoughts.


Time flies


Happy days


My body stays at home, but my mind travels where it will.

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Hey Harry,  you have been luckier than others to have survived both your careers. Whilst you're on a lucky streak get yourself down to the betting office and look for a horse with a name related to the boys in blue, or maybe get a 'National' Lottery ticket.   Good Luck!

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Thank you for that very kind and correct reply.   Yes, my life has had its Epsom Downs.

My  birth dates combined with those of my dear, departed  wife, were useless on the lottery.

However should any young ladies read this,     I am a  Millionaire already, but sadly, only

in tuppences!


Best wshes   Happy days

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Words that can bring a smile to someone's face are in short supply these days so well done Harry!

Your "my life has had its Epsom Downs" made me laugh out loud for the first time today.

But look on the bright side Harry, at least as a copper you probably a ball  :mrgreen: 



Bill :)

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Nice to hear from you Dizzy - 18 and 19 respectively.  (Trieste at 18 when someone decided all 51/01 intake should go to Korea

and join the Welch regiment. 

Fatal news for a couple of we South lLncashires.


Thank you Bill.  Glad my punny sense of humour pleased.  Had a ball in the police - yes indeed.   Much more free and easy in

my days.  (funnily enough. at the moment I am writing about the police ball which in the fifties was a highlight in Warrington's social calender.)


Best wishes to both.   Happy days

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Thank you so much for the interest,    a good memory you describe. Clogs were a feature in my

younger days,tannery workers and the like.   I was a tin can kicker and damaged all my shoes.  

Dad bought me a pair of clogs and put metal studs on the bottom.   I became a bright spark.


Happy days

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