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Be careful what you wish for

harry hayes

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Couple of souls have asked for police memories;  two more more welcomed me back;  Thank you.


Think it was me who virtually bored everyone to death and helped kill off the Poetry section.  So to

kill two birds with one stone, here is an absolutely true story which occurred in Mersey street,

not far from the old bus station.  (all pre-radio days).  The story has an anti-climax.



          (no, not that one)


Young men were naive in the fifties,

About the female frame;

They had two bumps above the waist,

All else, a marriage game.


A young PC by a terraced house,

Heard loud screams from within;

A murder he could cope with,

But not what lay within.


A lady on the point of giving birth,

She was several days overdue;

And all the Lord provided,

Was a policeman without a clue.


Two lives and a career on the line,

If only google had been in place;

Calm her down and boil some water,

Would I end up in disgrace?


Lying through my back teeth,

Something PC's should never do;

"Your worries are nearly over"

Which the distraught lady took as true.


Both parties now seemed calmer,

But inside, a panic zone;

Safety first, we may need an ambulance,

Someone must find a phone.


Whoever said there is no God,

Was this day proven wrong!

The first passer-by was a policewoman,

Role reversal - I'd tag along.


But what if I'd been the delivery man?

Cartoon images now take shape;

Cutting the cord of the birthday boy,

And him fizzing into space.




Thank you for reading    Happy days

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