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Rubery Owen

pommie lass

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I was a apprentice at Rubery owen from 1965. The entrance on Liverpool Rd was to Electro Hydraulics. Although in the same group this factory was not associated with Ruber'ys (different work force pay sructure etc). The three entrances toRubery's were on Thorton rd, Victoria Rd (next left past elecro,s entrance) and clevleys Rd. Ruberys made Barber greens (road laying machines) Axels , hub and drums for york trailers. Rubery,s site stretched from the bottom of Victoria rd and the other two entrances to the railway line. This is now a large housing estate. 

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Hi all

i worked at Rubery Owen Conveyancer Thornton rd Sankey Warrington from 1975 to 1982 when it closed, I served my apprenticeship there and was a tradesman for 3 years

i know I paid into a pension for a while but have no record of it

just wandering if anyone else is in the same situation, and if they have found a way of tracing how to recover this pension pot



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