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  1. Hi Sha. No I'm not gathering material for a book. Just reminiscing about the Warrington I remember as I've been away a long time. Trying to piece together the bits and pieces I do remember with help from other people. What question did I not answer btw?
  2. Thanks for clarifying that Evil Sid. You are right about the alley next to the church leading to the back entrance steps of Woolworths. I can't remember any co-op in town as it is too long ago but I'm sure there must have been one. I remember the one on Kingsway near where we lived and the metal containers they used to send off on wires which were strung all across the store from the checkouts to a place at the back and come back with the change an receipts. That co-op is still there although changed a bit. . Used to be a co-op butcher next door to it but that is gone.
  3. I find it all a bit confusing as there seem to have been several changes over the years since I was there in 1966. At that time there were still steps at the back of Woolworths leading to a back entrance which we used to use a lot. I don't remember a cafe but perhaps that is just my bad memory. Only remember the counter where I used to buy the yummy cheese and tomato rolls. They were always so fresh and I can almost taste them now. I'm sure the co-op wasn't there in those days.
  4. What makes you say that Sha?
  5. Not sure if I remember a cafe but I do remember the counter where they sold sandwiches and rolls. I used to love the cheese and tomato rolls. The best ever. What years was the cafe there Harry?
  6. Hi Mayhem. I was only 16 when I went there. I guess the woman was over 40. There is no doubt chips tasted better out of newspaper. I'm sure many would agree with us. I have heard that sentiment expressed before.
  7. Hi Mayhem. It was the 60's when I used to go to Yummy's and they didn't seem all that elderly then. Was the woman fat? It's amazing how you remember all those details. All I remember is the chips. You could see them all piled up and pre-cooked and they would chuck them in the fat and fry them again. Lovely and greasy, yummy in fact.
  8. I do remember going in the back way up some steps. We went in that way more often than not I think.
  9. Thank you Evil Sid. All Woolworths photos welcome. Wish I could find some interior ones as well. I don't know if the layout had changed in later years but I have been trying to explain the old layout to my children. Wish I could show them.
  10. pommie lass


    I may have asked this before but does anyone have a photo of Woolworths in Sankey Street?
  11. That looks more like the kiosk.
  12. Still hoping someone might come up with old photos of Viccy park from the 50's and 60's maybe.
  13. pommie lass


    Does anyone have a photo of the Greenings building where the offices were?
  14. I have looked at Warrington High School Photos Facebook page but there are no photos of the building.
  15. I am not completely convinced about Cairo Street though as I'm sure the chip shop was actually on a corner not just near a corner. Yummy's wasn't the official name btw. We called it that because the chips were yummy I think,
  16. The one in Cairo Street sounds like the closest so far Harry but I can't remember if there was a green plant pot in the window.
  17. Does anyone remember Yummy's chip shop? I can't remember the exact location but we used to walk there for our lunch when we were at Warrington Tech in the 60's. As I remember, it was on a corner and somewhere near Friars Gate I think. Definitely within a few minutes walk of the Tech though. They used to refry the chips and they were rather greasy but really yummy. Not too healthy though I suppose. I think the proprietor was a fat lady. It used to get packed at lunch time. People queuing up.
  18. The problem with that Dizzy is that Heatley seems to be about a 2 hour walk from where we lived and it is unlikely we would have gone that far. Also the the I'm think of had a much weirder name. I'm starting to think it was a dream.
  19. This isn't going to help your query I'm afraid. Probably cause more of a mystery. Over the years I've kept having a memory of a railway station with a funny name which I think must have been around Grappenhall or Lymm. Anyone any idea what it might have been? I don't think it was any of the ones on Wikipedia.
  20. That is definitely not the bandstand in the middle of algy's photo. Not sure what it is but I can see the old kiosk in the far left.
  21. I loved that park. One of my favourite places. Mum and Dad used to take us to play on the swings and Dad taught us to ride our bikes there. Then there was the walking day fair. So many great memories. I have a photo somewhere of my sister and me which I think was taken there. Not sure but I will dig it out. You might be able to tell for sure francine.
  22. I wonder if anyone has any old photos of Victoria Park. Somewhere between 1950 and late 60's maybe. I seem to remember there used to be a bandstand there? Does anyone remember those days?
  23. Thank Davy51. I will have another look.
  24. I think my sister has been searching for Orford Sec herself with no success.
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