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Lindy's pies.

pommie lass

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Thanks PJ.  I don't really remember the Hop Pole or Tom Bowes but I do remember Lindy's.  I thought that might be the other place where they had nice meat and potato pies.  Just wanted to make sure.  

I am still waiting for someone to tell me what has replaced Waterworths in Bridge Street on the corner of Dolmans Lane.  Do you know?

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If you use google street view dolmans lane is still shown.



It is the entrance to the fromt of the market from bridge street on the left as you look at it there is an artist shop and hancock and woods and on the right is a charity shop and boots old building.


Opposite is mcdonalds and a pawn/money for "unwanted items" shop. and across the passageway from those is an empty shop.


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Back to Lindy's.   I thought it was the pie shop I was thinking of but now I'm not so sure.  The one I mean was on the left hand side going down Horsemarket St away from the town centre but Lindy's appears to be on the right hand side unless I'm getting my bearings wrong.  My sense of direction is not very good :wink:.   It does seem to be in the same general area though, not far from the old markets and the Barley Mow.   

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