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Palastine tragedy -


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Surely when Israel pulled all of its troops and settlers out of Gaza you would have thought the Palestinians would have taken the initiative and settled on the peaceful way of life.


Unfortunately the Palestinians are a bunch of murdering terrorists and now they will hopefully reap what they have sown for lobbing missiles at the Israelis civilian areas and Israel will give them an almighty kicking.

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If Israel hadn't been funded by the west, it would have long since been over run by Muslim extremists and every other terrorist group imaginable.


The Palestinians had the opportunity to live in peace after the Israeili withdrawal but they chose to antagonise the area by electing terrorists into government and start being an aggressive interference to Israel.


Only my opinion, but they deserve everything thats coming to them Obs

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It would be true Baz if the Israelis had actually withdrawn back to the borders as specified by the UN but that is not the case....they still occupy some areas illegally hence why the fighting continues. Aid has also been cut to the Palestinians, the kids can't go to schools, the hospitals have no medicines, oh and Israelies successfully killed over 140 people last week including 20 children (with one aged 2 days)....clearly that 2 day old was a terrorist...... :roll:


Let's not be so blinkered.....if you see your home stolen, cannot work, your family is starving, your neighbours murdered by aerial bombs....you're going to want to fight back. It's human instinct.


I don't agree with what either side is doing.....murder is wrong full stop - I don't care what sodding religion anyone is - there is just no excuse for it....however, I think a balanced look at the civilian death toll (140 vs 12 last week) may be in order....as well as looking at the reality (withdrawl hasn't taken place and areas are still illegally occupied).


Tell me....if someone turned up in Britain tomorrow and said they had a right to your home and town because of some scripture written 5000 years ago - would you just give it up like that? Or would you fight for what is yours?


I wish that everyone would just sit down and talk properly.....and stop bombing the crap out of each other.....


I went to an academic lecture given by a Jewish person on the history of Israel and one of the things he pointed out was that before WW2 and the Western agreement to create Israel, the Jews, Muslims and Christians were living peacefully side by side in the region and it was an example to all as to how people of different backgrounds could live together.......trust Britain to screw it up........


[ 15.03.2008, 21:33: Message edited by: harmless loony ]

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Maybe we should just keep our noses out, this battle has been going on through generations and our involvment is just spreading the idiocy to a world theatre.


its like 2 children in a playing ground, you can break them up, but they will carry on or get freinds involved, then gangs some time later.


sometimes its better to sit back and let them punch it out, because if and when one day, they ever do resolve their issues, it is us that will become the common enemy for our interferance, and egging on.


not taking any sides, they can all go to hell AFAIC, but isreal is funded by the US and by proxy the west, and so are able to establish a formal military response and for our views a conceptual retaliation in the form of what we percieve a civilized method of killing the enemy. without this funding or support the palistinian response takes that of what we view as terrorism, simly because they do not have the military might to retaliate in a formal warfare situation and resort to what we view as terrorism.

my view is this world would be a better place if the entire area was nuked.

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I've no problem wih the pursuit of excellence in education, providing: that pursuit is based on the ability of the student and not the affordability of it's parents; and that the curriculum adopts a secular and scientific approach to knowledge, inclusively applied to foster social cohesion. :wink:

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Originally posted by Legion:

[QB] Maybe we should just keep our noses out, this battle has been going on through generations and our involvment is just spreading the idiocy to a world theatre.


It's a pity we didn't *keep our noses out* in 1917 at the time of the Balfour Declaration which promised the Palestinian territories to a bunch of thieving Zionists who themselves were terrorists and in time strung up British soldiers from lamp posts.


[ 13.03.2008, 13:47: Message edited by: safeway56 ]

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Let's see.


One idiot makes sweeping generalisations about the Palestinians.


Another does ditto with the Israelis.


Mary sits on the fence.


Obbs lies about Northern Ireland once again! Aaarrgh!!!


And Legion wants to exterminate the entire population of Israel/Palestine and totally destroy that beautiful land forever. Irony meter running low and hypocrisy meter running high. Obviously he wants to visit The Hague in Holland but can't afford a ticket. Nuking is the way to get a free trip there.


Asp wants to use the CoE schools for free, but ditch the whole package. Now the question is, does he want religion banned from the topic due to lack of interest, or so that kids can be brainwashed in the future into thinking that religious people are all terrorists?



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Have you ever thought of applying to NuLabour for a job as a spin doctor Gman? You are very good at putting meaning in people's posts where no such meaning exists. What is this rubbish about me wanting to use CofE schools for free? What does that mean?I pay as much tax as anyone, and my tax pays for the education of children in all schools supported by the state and that includes religious schools. So why should I be denied a say in how my money is used? :roll::roll::roll:

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The overall flow of your posts about Israel/Palestine and other such situations demanded such a comment.


As for Asp, well, if it is a church school, RE is a small price to pay- and anyway, there is a legal permission to withdraw kids from RE for Atheistic/Humanistic/Agnostic reasons. Besides, RE is hardly going to create a generation of suicide bombers- it's a totally different discipline from theology and sermonising or apologetics as it is more a sociological examination of belief and practice in a neutral way now, including Secular Humanism too.


I was thinking more on the lines, Asp. of those who demand that they can use Church Schools yet forbid them from having either their Church ethos or having any kind of RE taught at all.


But, taxpayers wanting to use Church Schools can indeed use them and still withdraw their kids from RE if they so wish. If I'm wrong on this, then correct me. All the same, though, I would think it more consistent if someone sent their kids or wanted kids sent to a Church School accepting to some degree the ethos of that school or just simply sent them to a State school. From what I can see CoE schools are run on the same lines as secular ones anyway.


So the question is: do you want RE banned, or do you just mean an opt-out which exists anyway?


Anyway, nothing like a good wind-up to get a discussion going! :wink:


PS Obbs, you see, underlying your assumptions in these kind of posts is that religion is behind it all, well, newsflash- the majority of Jews are secular and the Orthodox reject the Israeli state for its secular character, Zionism is a secular Jewish concept and influenced by Socialism, as seen in the thought of the founding father of Israel, Theodore Herzl, those who created Zionism as a political and territorial doctrine, and the kibbutzim are throughly socialistic. The ones I stayed in were secular, though I did visit a specifically religious kibbutz complete with its own synagogue and factory for making synagogue furniture for all over the world.


This is in spite of Israel's flag being basically a prayer shawl with the Star of David doodled on it during a Zionist conference by a Rabbi.

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