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The Blue Candle

pommie lass

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I just google searched and it led me to another topic where someone asked about The Blue Candle on here back in 2010.  Not really much info though I'm afraid.

As it's a really old topic it is showing backwards for some as the forum was upgraded after that date and moved to another platform so you have to read it backwards ie the first post at the top is actually the last one so you have to scroll down and read from the bottom up.  


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Does this look familiar to you pommie Lass? 


It's Legh Street and the building with the arch that says 'Osale Works' is where the Blue Candle was, or so I've been told anyway.  In case you are wondering the ugly white NHS building is what has now replaced the old Legh Street baths.  Horrid isn't it

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