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A busy day for our emergency services!


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It has been a busy day for our emergency services in Warrington today with at least three serious incidents- It may have caused delays on the roads but we should never forget they are working hard to help save peoples lives - Keep up the good work!











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Slightly off topic but


Anyone recently hear of Manchester choosing Stepping Hill instead of Wythenshaw as a super A+E hospital I wonder what are the consequences for Warrington as Wythenshaw is the only hospital with a helipad in the region - might be wrong - although Preston and Chester also have helipads.

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Have been told that the person hit on lovely lane was one of the roving traffic wardens.

not heard how he is, although was told that he had to have a few pins in his leg to hold the bones back together.


believe they are waiting to see what exactly happened as they all wear those personal cameras on their uniforms like the police have and so should have some footage of the accident.


if i see my in law later will have to ask him.

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Ouch that sounds painful.  Hope he's ok soon (even if he is a traffic warden :lol: ),

There seems to be an awful lot of car vs moped/motorbike accidents around Warrington at the moment.  There have been another couple over the past few days although the one reported on the WG today
say it was allegedly stolen and the rider has been arrested for a string of offences so no sympathy for them I'm afraid.  Got to feel sorry for the car driver though.

Another was a lad on a motorbike who was flung off into a field up at Appleton.

Have to wonder if its lack of experience and attention on the bikers part, particularly young L plate moped riders, the car drivers part or a combination of both.

Can youngsters just buy and hop on a moped with L plates without taking any sort of test still?

The one who flew down our road yesterday on his moped (wearing shorts and tshirt by the way) who only looked like a school leaver clearly had no idea what he was doing or
that maybe slowing down as the cars were approaching him from the other direction on the narrow road of parked cars would be advisable rather than just squeezing through at full speed.
I wonder how many wing mirrors he managed to collect ??  It was scarey to watch and an accident just waiting to happen :(

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Ahh I didn't realise they had to do a CBT course.  Do you have to have lessons like you do in a car or is it just a one day course. 

Lazy me, I guess I could just google the answer to that.

I noticed on that link that it says that you don't need to take a CBT to ride a moped (motorbike upto 50cc) if you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001.

Scarey thought to think I could just hop on one and zoom off.  I can't even ride a push bike safely  :lol: 

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The problem is no one seems to have a minute to live, dashing everywhere , I have just driven from Mossley and lost times with the number of times I have either been cut in and other vehicles changing lanes without warning, its absolute madness especially late afternoons when the commercial traffic and other car drivers driving in the course of their jobs are racing to finish work, npw wonder there are many accidents on our roads.

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Being a passeger assistant on a bus means that when i do have to do a bit i get the chance to nosey at what people are up to whilst they are driving.


so far seen two guys shaving with electric razors. numerous people texting on phones. two reading newspapers and the best one was some woman with a huge bowl of cornflakes on her knee and a big spoon. she was eating them whilst driving down the motorway at about sixty.


always remeber the first reliant i got. never driven a car before only motorbikes. so there i was sat in this three wheeled rocket and wondering which of the three pedals stopped it. guy at the garage gave me a quick demo and then off i went from winsford back to warrington. only stalled it twice as well.

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