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Jacqui Smith MP - one to watch

Student Geoff

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I watched the interview with Jacqui Smith this morning on the AM prog BBC1 - she came across as really confident, new her facts and figures and could think on her feet - cool under pressure - she had Andrew in the palm of her hand a very competent lady - someone who could run the country one day perhaps?


Here's her biography: Jacqui Smith MP


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You've gotta be kidding Geoff; she's not even Council material!!!! :D This is the woman who's been quoting reduced crime figures since she got the job as Home Sec; then appears on an interview and admits she wouldn't walk anywhere in London late at night. :roll: She's an example of the problem of incompetance in Parliament - no ideas, no convictions, just unfounded ambition. :o:x

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It's a toss-up as to who has been brainwashed the most. Her or Milliband?


All political speak with the party line "agenda".

Doesn't have a clue as to the real world.


But there again, the "loyal and subservient" supporters believe what they are told without exploring the facts. AND they watch Big Brother.

Enough said. :roll:

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From the records,

She is now in charge of the Police, Prisons, Immigration and Terrorism. Well no problem there they are all working well and happy?

This is the woman who has total loyalty to the party and quoted as ?will not speak out about party decisions even if she thinks they are wrong? She fully agrees with the Iraq war and is against any enquiry into the governments involvement. She is also against transparency of government.

She has spent a lot of time in the education and health ministries they are running well?

She was also (Industry and the Regions and Deputy Minister for Women), at the Department of Trade and Industry for two years. Before being Home Secretary she was claiming ?152k in expenses.

This is also the woman who wanted to double her police protection because she felt vulnerable as a woman? Sacked her private protection officer recently because he wrote 3% in the frost on her car window whilst she was sleeping.

No wonder she does not feel safe walking down the street, most people would not waste urine on her if she was on fire. She is a sever liability to the security of this country and lets hope that we get to the next election without serious incident when she will surly be kick out when she loses her seat.

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She claims to have gone out at night in Peckham to buy a kebab. She did have a police escort though. If the streets are so much safer with crime falling, what is she scared of? 10 years ago we didn't need metal detectors in schools to stop the pupils killing each other. :roll::roll: :onfire:

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Well that's a no from you lot then?


You do however speak volumes of her experience and I didn't know you thought so highly of your councillors, even those with suspect records.


Did no one listen to her interview on the AM show when she explained the miss quote that was printed in the press and which like lap dogs you all believe?


Well later this week the police have kindly offered to outline to the Parish Council what measures they have and will be putting in place. Hopefully you will read all about them in the media - but kind you believe everything they print?


Hopefully such it will stimulate input into the Poulton with Fearnhead Parish Plan that was proposed to have a public meeting about in July.

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