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Radio Warrington at Stockton Heath Festival today


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.... all I will say is that I hope no-one was listening !!!   

Errm.... I was accosted by a man with a microphone and must have sounded like a complete idiot :lol: 

Why did he accost me, well probably because I was the only idiot walking round in the pouring rain taking photo's :oops:

I freaked a bit when I saw the microphone and for once I was stuck for words or something sensible to day.  Well ok re that last bit I know I never actually have anything sensible to say.  God I still feel so embarrassed :lol: :lol:

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I bloody hope not lol..... when asked 'what's the camera for' (which by the was was part wrapped in a morrisons carrier bag to keep it dry)  I replied ' for taking photo's'...and it went downhill from there lol

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I will be able to arrange for Dizzy's interview to be broadcast on here  - unless she promises to be my forum slave on here for life :mrgreen::lol:

Hey you....that's not fair and don't you dare or I will let all the spammers join and I will block your access so you can't zap them :lol: :lol: :P


PS it wasn't really an interview just a very quick little chat and I hardly said a word... too scared ha ha

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