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Re launch of Warrington Civic Society


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Not wishing to sound too negative....but although a very admirable cause no doubt, it would appear from the write up that the society has been dormant during the period when so many buildings have been demolished... and is about to start up when there are so few left.... Stable door and horses springs to mind I'm afraid....


and the phrase "With many new developments proposed it is also important that these are of a high standard, enhancing the built environment of our town" means nothing. The plans have already been drawn up so even if they are rubbish; we are still going to get them whether we like them or not

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Fair points and maybe you need to go tomorrow too Baz

It does say before the quote your gave re the new developments though that "Warrington has lost too many of its historic and iconic buildings over the years and those that remain deserve a strong preservation effort"
If they [the Civic Society] have only been dormant for a few years though hopefully not much has been lost in that short time and the reasons for them starting up again might be because of what MAY be lost in the future with all planned developments etc and need for development land for housing too.

Lets face it we need someone with knowledge and determination to take an interest in what we have left and to keep an eye on things as the council don't seem too bothered a lot of the time so if the Civic Society can do that then it must only be a good thing. 

Has WBC got a proper conservation officer these days by the way and one who ACTUALLY understands, CARES and FIGHTS to save things of importance or monitors the state of existing listed buildings or others of local importance?  The one they use to have never did and most of the time had no idea what or where the buildings were let alone their importance when my mum used to battle things out with them.

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Baz, I think the first part of your post was rather negative.

The previous Civic Society did try hard to protect our heritage - but as with all voluntary societies they rely on volunteers and public support which sadly was lacking.  When something goes wrong there's a tendency for people to ask "why didn't they do something"? but what needs to be first ascertained is who we think they are.

These people were ordinary members of the public like ourselves so perhaps we should be asking "why didn't we do something"? 


The people who really should have been doing something are our elected councillors who are paid to promote the interests of the people who elect them. So any criticism should really be aimed at them. It is they who have sat on their asses whilst our heritage has been bulldozed to the ground. And for the most part it seems it is they the previous civic society were having to battle with.


In some towns the elected councillors work hard to protect their towns heritage as they can recognise it's importance not just in historical terms but also as valuable economically in promoting tourism and visitors/shoppers to their towns.

Some years ago, when the NW Regeneration Budget was being distributed, areas such as Chester and West Cheshire opted for money to promote their Tourist industry whilst Warrington opted for money to promote Chemical and Nuclear industries. So much easier to attract industries that other towns wouldn't have forced upon them than having to put in some effort! 


Also, other towns employ Regeneration Officers who actively promote Heritage for Tourism - Warrington employed a Regeneration Officer with a track record of destroying some of the finest heritage sites in Britain, and who also had a track record for running roughshod over public opinion and even flouting planning law to progress his unpopular projects. 


With this type of ideology in the Town Hall It's not hard to see why the previous Civic Society had such a hard time is it?



As for your comments in the second half of your post Baz;-


"and the phrase "With many new developments proposed it is also important that these are of a high standard, enhancing the built environment of our town" means nothing. The plans have already been drawn up so even if they are rubbish; we are still going to get them whether we like them or not"


I can see where you are coming from, (whilst it would be important to protect whatever is left of our heritage by ensuring any further development does not completely endanger or overshadow what is left)  this statement does appear rather defeatist.

The plans may have been drawn up, contracts may have been signed, but whether these plans come to fruition could be another matter!

It will be interesting to see what the New Civic Society have on their agenda.   


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No PJ, I wasn't there.

I didn't see the article advertising it until Tues afternoon and couldn't make it. I would have liked to have gone and know a couple of others who would too. Hopefully next time.


15 isn't a bad turnout for a first meeting - and with voluntary groups it's not really numbers but the level of interest of the participants that counts. Numbers can soon grow once word gets about.


How did it seem to you? Were any aims and objectives set?

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I have been told that there is a meeting of the Warrington Civic Society on Tuesday, 1st September, 2015.


This is a special general meeting. Everybody who has not yet become a member will be able to sign up before we start

(£5 for the 7 months until March 2016. They will be voting on some amendments to the constitution and will have updates from the committees.

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