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Nigel Farage admits Ukip is NOT a credible party and has not been honest with voters


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A leaked document reveals a meeting of Ukip's ruling executive Farage admitted voters were starting to see through the party's policies


Two-faced Nigel Farage privately told pals UKIP is not a “credible” party, secret papers reveal today.


In an explosive party document leaked to the Mirror he admits “promising the earth to everybody”.


He told UKIP chums the party had a “problem” due to a raft of unaffordable pledges including tax cuts, and extra cash for police.


“We are not passing the credibility test as a party,” said Mr Farage, who has repeatedly claimed UKIP is always honest with voters.


But the leaked papers - minutes of a meeting of UKIP’s ruling executive - show the party’s top brass brazenly admit they have not been straight with the public.


UKIP deputy chairman Neil Hamilton – the disgraced ex-Tory MP – warned colleagues: “This is the last time we can get away with this.


“We can say anything on the doorstep.


“But on television we will have some pretty searching questions to answer.”


At the meeting, in April 2013, a panicking Mr Farage agreed voters are starting to see through UKIP’s endless unfunded promises.


The minutes state: “NF (Nigel Farage) thinks we cannot talk about council tax cuts and spending more on policing etc all at the same time.


“We are setting ourselves up for a fall.


“His problem is that we are promising the earth to everybody.”


The minutes go on: “NF feels we are not passing the credibility test as a party."


UKIP claimed it had “taken on board” Mr Farage’s warnings and changed its ways.


Labour MP Sarah Champion said the damaging leak lays bare the truth behind UKIP’s public charade.


“This is absolutely typical of UKIP politicians who say one thing on the telly but have entirely different views in private,” she blasted.

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No magic wand then!.

Nope.  Even their newly elected poster boy Carswell has gone on record saying “who has been clear that he believes the NHS budget should go up and that his party should show an inclusive, internationalist attitude that stresses immigrants are not to blame for society’s woes”.


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Tell us something we didn't know PJ - but they will do well because the average person in the street is sick and tired of the plastic politicians all coming off the same production line and failing to deliver their promises.

Even some of my friends in the three main stream parties admit they are all pretty much of a muchness.

I suspect UKIP will still do well in some areas and get the protest vote.

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The latest set of polls show they peaked, levelled off and are now losing percentages.  Early days but as it gets closer to election their nonsense policies and shambolic hierarchy will hopefully be shown for what it is  and the media and other parties will rip them to shreds.  In a funny way perhaps them getting in bed with the Tories after the election could be their downfall as they will be hung out to dry re a referendum.  Also Thanet is a very tight 3 way vote and should Farage fail to win he will have to hand over leadership to an elected MP.  Now, did the Tories place a poison puppet called Carswell into the bosom of their enemy ready to pounce?  mmmmmmwwwwahahahahahahaha.  

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.... and this is any different from the other Parties how?  I know this has come as a shock to the Metropolitan political elite, who's arrogant assumption that they know what's best for us and genuine public concerns can be dismissed with some "ist" labelling. But the Plebs ("the lowest common denominator") are finally discovering that their vote can make a difference, and they're turning to the Party that best reflects their concerns, which presumably is what democracy is all about.

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Kije, suggest you read the other post (50 -50); not exactly right wing is it ?   Just because some of us have a view on protecting the territorial integrity of our Country, and the capacity of it's Government to actually Govern it; you may call it "right wing", some would call it common sense.

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For some strange reason I'm beginning to get the impression that PJ doesn't like Farage very much 8)

You are a genius Asp.  :D 


I don't like any political party or politician who pedals hate, fear and discrimination as a way to win votes.  

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Ahhhhh  smell that fresh air


Ex-UKIP candidate for Great Yarmouth Matthew Smith accused over 'forged signatures'


Matthew Smith, 27, of High Street, Gorleston, Norfolk, denies six counts of making a false statement in nomination papers.


The charges relate to elections in the Great Yarmouth district in May 2013.


Seven out of eight forms submitted by UKIP in that campaign were alleged to contain forged signatures.


Mr Smith, who also denies three charges of making false nominations papers, is a Norfolk County Council member for Gorleston St Andrews.


He had been selected to stand for parliament in Great Yarmouth at the next general election, but withdrew in July.


Brett Weaver, prosecuting, said Mr Smith intended to deceive the authorities by submitting false nominations for candidates hoping to stand in the 2013 election for Norfolk County Council.


Council officials were said to have discovered irregularities with the forms when they attempted to input them into a computer system a few days before the 5 April deadline for nominations.


Party representatives were informed about the problem and asked to examine the papers.


"Far from being on alert, Mr Smith allowed forms with false signatures to continue to be submitted," Mr Weaver said.


The forms were taken on face value and it was not until 23 April that major concerns were raised.


Mr Smith was elected in that poll. Two other men - UKIP member Michael Monk and Daniel Thistlethwaite, who stood as a candidate in the West Flegg ward at the same election - are also on trial.


Under electoral rules, all candidates standing in council elections must obtain 10 nominations from members of the public.


Mr Monk, 60, of Freeman Close, Hopton, and Mr Thistlethwaite, 19, of Station Road South, Belton, deny one charge of making a false statement in nomination papers.

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