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No EU referendum -


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Well, as expected, this Government don't want us to have a vote on the Lisbon Treaty (alias the EU Constitution, and certainly not on whether we remain members - presumably because they know how the majority would vote. :wink: No prizes for guessing how our two Bliar's Babes voted! :roll:

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Thought you might be interested in the following from Conservativehome.com which I think is a good summary:


"A LibDem Vote is a wasted vote after all



One further thought on the Commons votes on the European Treaty last night. For years, the two main parties have argued that a vote for the Liberals is a wasted vote. For years, the Liberals have tried to counter this by arguing that if only they had enough MPs, especially if they held the balance of power, they could make the difference. Well, last night, for the first time since probably the No Confidence Motion in the late Jim Callaghan's Government, they had the chance to make a difference, but chose to sit it out.


Hundreds of thousands of voters who actually did elect a LibDem MP in 2005 must today be saying to themselves: "So it was a wasted vote after all.""


Calamity Clegg just about sums it up....maybe he should have stayed in Brussels as an MEP....don't have to make decisions there just live the high life...at our expense. :wink:


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