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Warrington Central station

big ste

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was there another platform at Central Station that got bricked over?

I remember something from a Wally Barnes book years ago about a guy who killed himself at a part of Central Station that has since been blocked off.


Is there any truth in this?

Anybody got any old pictures?

Any links?


Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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I went to the Library today to locate a particular Wally Barnes book, the one with the story about the guy who killed himself;

and someone has stolen Book 2 and Book 3 of Wally's series on Warrington ghosts.

The 2 they had in weren't the ones I was thinking of.

This country, eh.

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Maybe youre referring to the bricked up archway and steps that used to comprise the entrance to Warrington Central? I think the original entrance was bricked up for most of its distance, and opened out where the loo is now- i seem to remember being dragged up the flipping things to get to the Manchester platform.


I know ive asked this before- but how "safe" are Wally Barnes' stories? How many of them are actually rooted in fact?

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