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  1. overseas as in nigeria, indonesia, phillipines, india... and all the other countries in which spammers spend their days sending out millions of emails about wills, tragic accidents, mail order brides, and lottery wins?
  2. Its actually not too bad an idea. Not everyone has a Satnav, and need visual signs for navigation- unless its made legal for drivers to read maps while driving! Dont forget we have the Manchester Ship Canal and the Sankey Canal near Warrington, the Irwell isnt far away, and to someone unfamiliar to the area one stretch of water looks very much like another. However there is a time and a place for spending on such things. Keep these signs where theyre needed- on the major routes.
  3. robot


    these are still criminal offences, arent they? Oh please- have the council have no imagination??? Why employ some overpriced demolition firm such an amount to execute mindless destruction on a landmark building when you can force slav... I mean the unemployed to do the dirty work in order to keep their benefits? After many people always blame unemployed youths for all the vandalism and destruction of property anyway... Thinking about it, the owners of the site could employ the same people who did such a wonderful job of "removing" the Old Bay Horse pub before the Halliwell Jones was built! After all, there does seem to be a lot of arson in Warrington... Question for me is, if the Cabinet Works do go, whats going to be in its place? And cant that new function use the old shell in some way? As for Heritage in Warrington *snicker*...anyone bought any postcards of the town anywhere recently? By which I mean Postcards with modern views of its tourist attractions- not ones with scenes that are at least five years old!
  4. The Vindolanda tablets mention subligata which have been interpreted as "underpants", but could be better described as "underwear" ie including undershirts.
  5. How about China Sid? Especially after the recent execution of Akmal Shaikh there?
  6. Maybe the Highways think its too small to be a proper motorway junction? It wouldnt be the first time!!
  7. Hmm, Henry V, when Prince of Wales, apparently did the same thing, to gain an appreciation of the the trials and tribulations of the general public. Nice move to get William out of his cotton wool lined box (pardon the pun)- thing is, had anyone had the foresight to take a photo- to prove he actually DID this "stunt"?
  8. Would a better economy lead to a reduction in poverty and homelessness? Killing two birds with one stone comes to mind!
  9. Okay hardly original, but how about a shout out to all the people during the cold snap who have been prepared to sacrifice comfort and warmth for the community? Id like to nominate the District nurse who got through the snow and ice to attend to a family relative who hadnt been seen for sevreral days. i also want to nominate the Pharmacy dirver, who came out in his van to deliver an urgent prescription. The driver of the 14s 15s and 29s who did take their buses out despite the lack of any information from WBT. Any more?
  10. Whatever happened to kids earning a few bob in holiday money shifting the snow? Is there any reason why seasalt, shingle or dune sands cant be used to grit the roads, instead of digging it out of a hole in Cheshire? Plus Id imagine the Speed Bumps that have been popping up would cause problems for the snowploughs? also, on a night when Sankey and Penketh were left ungritted (apparently even the Liverpool Road and the main Warrington-Widnes Bridge were ungritted) how come the access road to North West Water WAS gritted? And special buses laid on for the few workers prepared to go the business park?
  11. Time for CSI Warrington to get investigating- looks like a clear case of Criminal Damage! The fine would help pay for something useless?
  12. I wonder whether she'll pick up any ghosts such as "haunt" QM1 There will be a few homeless ghosts from Bewsey Old Hall in a few weeks...
  13. robot

    Parr Hall

    hehehe the pipes would come in handy for the plumbing!!
  14. hmm, maybe were too far north to count in EPs priorities. Plus its another excuse for Time Team to do another dig. Sorry, but this decision was inevitable. Apart from the Peace Centre idea nothing was seriously considered as an alternative. Noone was bothered, simple as that. Noone wept over the loss of Winwick hospital. No discussion took place over School Brow, or the building of Wetherspoons over the old Friary. And there was barely a squeak over the hangars at Burtonwood- so why should we have expected anything else? A thought strikes me- would all these "historical" sites possibly be considered "Brownfield" sites? Because that means European subsidies... There are only four or five historical sites in Warrington that seem to matter. The Academy, St Marys CHURCH, Walton Hall, the Barleymow Inn, and the Town Hall. That is because they are in-your-face properties- we all pass the Barleymow shopping,the Academy is a hotbed of local news, the Town Hall has a myriad of factors going for it,and St Marys Church is being touted as a cathedral (lol). The impression i get from Bewsey Old Hall is that it was in an "inconvenient position"- tricky to get to, and in later years, not pretty enough to warrant tourism development money being spent on it. it was never going to attract tourists like Walton Hall, and this town wasnt big enough for the both of them. SO now the decision has been made- and people all of a sudden are complaining. I have to ask- how much is this caused by the fact that when the hall is redeveloped, itll be restricted to those living there? Well expect more of the same. I imagine the Cabinet Works is also going to be turned into flats for people working in Manchester...I mean Warrington based transitory workers....and I can see several other historic buildings going the same way like "Cromwells house" (by Sainsburys) and the Black Bear Inn on Latchford Road. The Osnath works also looks like a possible Urban Splash target too, if Manchester is a guide. Hehehe- mind you, would the spectral "residents" of Bewsey Old Hall welcome the new flatmates....?
  15. Sid scales are the answer alone- okay you have a ring thats 28grammes, but 28g of what? 28g of 22k gold is a hell of a lot more valuable than 28g of 9karat- and even doing chemistry at university im curious how the little chap on his gold testing stall can tell the difference- so what chance would an older person with an heirloom have? after all if my favourite jewellry is dismissed as 9karat rubbish, i would like to be convinced- and a drop of liquid changing colour isnt enough! after all... they can be faked very easily.
  16. The role of Gullivers intrigues me- would they REALLY want another attraction on their doorstep? Lets face it, how many people outside Warrington know about the RAF/USAF Burtonwood museum, and where it is? An old idea mightve been to move the museum into the Old Hall, but this no doubt would have brought the NIMBYS of the time out too. Now, call me a cynic, but is anyone still expecting "fire-starting vandals" to pay the Old Hall a visit? like the Bay Horse, School Brow..
  17. hmmm merc driver baz? well imagine what the bikers on the forum have to say about some merc drivers! basically theyre considered second to BMW drivers in the league table of cars to avoid while biking..(to put it politely)..dont get me wrong i dont condone the actions of mindless idiots wether on a motorbike, pushbike or overpriced german cars, but ever considered that those fast takeoffs may be a safety precaution? to get out of the way of some idiot in a four wheeled boombox? however i digress. the old combustion engine as we know it is fast in need of a serious revamp, and its about time we broke our reliance on it and started looking at alternatives- and if we brits (for a change) can get off our rear and get right up at the forefront of the technology then im all for it. its just a pity all those ?20 administration fees the DVLA like to try and charge for everything cant go towards developing that technology. i for one would prefer my hard earned going anywhere but into the pocket of some american oil magnate!
  18. "I want everyone to know," he told The Associated Press during an interview in November. "They died for us." I hope Mr Allingham, that you can tell everyone of them how thankful we are. And Obs- Lions led by donkeys, yes- very true, let us hope that the donkeys never get put in charge again!
  19. Depends if theyre referring to the officers and the top brass back in London, or the Boys in Baghdad? And if the man at the Ministry is referring to the frontline troops, then shouldnt there be an investigationm into all the stolen pies, as well as missing helicopters? *pictures petty officer pertwee locking up a secret cave full of purloined plunder*
  20. Any idea why Middlesex Crusaders are getting particular attention? Has anyone said anything about the Saracens Rugby Club then? or for that matter the Barbarians? Panthers? oh no, the Vegetarians would be offended. And the Irish FA should be sued for Allowing the Crusaders to play in the FAI! And the US Football Team from Nottingham! And if only someone had warned the Celtic Rugby League team who are due to play Warrington soon! *Imagines a cartoon of queue of Bowler Hatted Jobsworths from Middlesex outside the Halliwell Jones With Placards, being invited in by the members fo the Warrington No-Kissing Committee, with the caption "The Revolution Against Common Sense Continues" underneath*
  21. Just a pity he took the real secret of "The Prisoner""with him.... What it was REALLY all about!
  22. Odd hasnt the European Parliament beein doing this for years anyway? And if anyone knows anywhere who may be taking on Data Processing or similar that can be done on computer from home, Im game! And I wouldnt charge travelling expenses, unlike....
  23. How about ther reopening up of the Canal system for low-priority light goods? They worked right up til the Steam Engine! 1. Takes manual labourers off the dole and the building sites, [providing all year round work and more job stability) 2. Takes cars and vans off the roads- reducing congestion 3. Re-use of some already existing facilities (houseboat marinas etc) 4. New industry, such as boat building and chandlery 5. Potential environmentally friendly- habitats for wildlife and alternative leisure facilities 6. Less problems when handling potentially hazardous cargoes (due to lower speeds) and larger cargo capacity per unit (ie longboats can potentially hold more cargo than a van) 7. Potential for mechanical development and invention- car engines may be more @green@, so can this technology lead to more efficient boat enginess? (Heck, if we wish to go REALLY green, use the oldest green power supply of all- horses- imagine the explosiion in stables, feed companies, and therefore a knockon effect into farming!) Or is this thinking a little too radical?
  24. If Someone is a typist, then are they unemployed? I digress lol.. sounds great on paper Baz, but whod be prepared to do work for NOTHING? Would you work for a Michael Portillo for no gain? (oh hang on.. maybe thats whats expected of the Great British Workforce these days...) Plus floorspace in London is SO much more expensive! Theyd be evicted by their landlords in favour of someone whod be prepared to pay the rent! Just ask people who have been "asked to leave" by landlords under spurious circumstances, only to find the house gets rented out to someone whos prepared to pay higher rent! (Hm I know of a house in the Orford Lane area where that happened...) And you cant run an office in a cardboard box under Euston Station! What about Health and Safety, Electricity Bills, Business Premises taxes, etc etc etc? How about instead... a massive video conferencing network? (WARNING FACETIOUS MOMENT) A PROPER BBC Parliament, for instance? That way proceedings are conducted from the warmth of the MPs own Country Mansions, therefore saving on transportation (Green Issue, much kudos) office staff (ie get the spouses to do it, saves having to keep nepotism quiet) and the MP would be working from the very constituency hes supposed to represent! Imagine how quick constituency issues can be resolved if somone can nip up over on a number 15 bus in person- and the sheep... i mean...constituents would be well impressed! Plus hackers can be used as parliamentary watchdogs- the proceedings being in a publicly accessible domain (hmm pay per view- theres an idea)- and the footage put on YouTube (trendy!) in the form of a Blog- so when those little fibs just slip out the evidence is there for all to see!! hehe Wed have to sell the Houses of Parliement too...hmmm...that old pile of bricks would make a most EXCELLENT prison...
  25. Umm...Ive just come here from looking on the JobCentre Plus site for jobs in the Warrington area- and there isnt very many- yet the trains seem very full at Rush Hour going from Warrington Central to Manchester AND Liverpool! Can anyone suggest where a potential employee can find one of these business opportunities? Why should Liverpool share the benefits? The same reason that Manchester didnt "share" any of the Commonwealth Games events- Warrington didnt take the risk of getting together with either city and put up the resources, and seems to now be trying to steal reflected glory. Would this conversation be taking place if the Capital of Culture had run up Montreal '76- level debts? Nope...Warrington BC would be trying to disassociate itself by every means possible in an effort to protect the brown paper envelopes in the Town Hall!!
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