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Schools overcrowded -


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It;s obvious they will become oversubscribed because people have children, children go to school.... oh and they keep building more new houses so more people having children but new schools are rarely build to accommodate all these new ones.  The council close schools down too which surely doesn't help long term.

Are they oversubscribed in realty though or is it just based on a 'figure' that the powers that be say a school should accomodate.  Every year then the WG prints it's class photo's of all the new reception school kiddies who have started in September I always notice how much smaller the class sizes (number of pupils) seem to be than when our son started school and all his subsequent years.

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Councils have a duty to project demographic trends in order to plan services, this includes schools. Aside from a baby boom (which we apparently have also had, 25% of births being born by mothers not born in the UK), the only other reason for a surge in numbers will be immigration - thought you might have got there on your own.

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