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Favourite horror film ..........


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one of my all time favorites is the raven with vincent price playing a goodie for a change.


also like any of the scary movie ones superb send ups.


as for hair standing on end and such the old hammer ones did it for me at the time. pretty tame by todays standards but boy did they give you a fright when they first came out.

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The reason I say Psycho, and to a lesser extent THE BIRDS -- it's because for months after I still got a chill -- when I took a shower or saw a hundred black birds on a telephone wire or playground equipment. That was adult horror. But when I was a kid, there were two movies in which a python or boa fell out of tree, gripping an innocent actor and killing them. I would avoid walking under trees, especially at night. Also saw a film with a black panther attacking from a tree at night, so had to be cautious.

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