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HELP Damn Flies everywhere AGAIN !!


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My rant for today !!

I am SICK TO DEATH of all the bloody green bottle flies everywhere AGIAN.  Last year was bad enough but for the past month it's becoming increasingly unbearable and 100 times worse than last year especially when the sun comes out .

I can't have my back door or windows open although to be honest they don't seem to come inside... but the might so I'm not taking the chance.
There is no way I can sit outside. 
I don't even hang my washing out any more on warm days because of them.
Even the dog wont go in the yard during the day unless she's desperate let alone lie out there like she used to do and I don't blame her.

I am at a complete and utter loss as to what else I can try to get rid of the damn things and I have no idea what on earth they are being attracted to !!
Has anyone got any suggestions please :(

I wash my black and blue bins every time they get emptied.

Our yard gets completely swilled down EVERY time the dog even has a wee now and in between too.  The hosepipe is permenently attached to the outside tap and unraveled so every time I step foot outside it goes on.   

I spent 4 days filling EVERY SINGLE gap between all the paving flags with cement as all the flies seemed to like congregating and going down those too so I thought maybe it was the soil. 
They also seem to like my wall of Ivy and the flowers in my hanging baskets so the hanging baskets have gone but the Ivy is still on the wall.... I wonder if they live in there !?!? It might have to go too.

I've spent £40 so far on special cleaning fluid that can be used near dogs AND STILL I HAVE SWARMS OF GREEN BOTTLE FLIES ALL OVER MY YARD

I've asked a pest controller who simply said they will be breeding and laying eggs on rotting and decaying meat or other matter so unless that is found they will just continue to breed that a female lay around 200 eggs per batch and they feed on 'whatever' and can hatch within 3 - 10 days and after 2 weeks they start laying eggs too..... but there is no rotting or decaying matter anywhere in my garden so they are NOT breeding here but are coming here for some reason.

I've just been to the bin and the whole floor and bin is covered in the damn things again from tiny newly hatched ones to the whoppers and it was like walking through something out of a horror film.

Suggestions on a postcard please......... :(

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:lol: :lol:  No nothing to do with the canal Coffee or we'd get them at the front too rather than just the backs. 
Most people leave their bins etc out 24/7 so I guess they could all be breeding in those (grr) but it still doesn't explain why on earth they like everything in my back yard so much. 
My neighbours haven't got as many but they've got no plants and have both recently had their yards completely re-flagged etc. 
I've been trying to catch some all afternoon but they are too clever for me and they can even peel themselves of sticky greenhouse fly traps.  They are clearly mutating into stronger beings !!

I feel so sorry for my dog though as she just sits looking through the window or races out for a wee and straight back in again.  Mmm can flies make dogs ill by the way ?

Obs.. I WONT be going down that route thanks no matter how desperate I become although our son would love to have some.

Wolfie... what will freezer bags full of water around my bin do ?

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Now that looks fun :D


perhaps a few pitcher plants around the yard would help, they eat flies and look good too. not sure of their smell though.


Do they sell those in any garden centres round here?  Can they walk :wink:


I'm sure the ones who brought in fortnightly bin collections would make themselves available at a price, but I doubt you'd want one for a pet.


I definitely wouldn't want a councilor as a pet as they can be very hard work :lol:  


Get yourself a Gazebo with fly nets, as for your dog would a flea collar not work???


I guess I could get a large gazebo to fill the yard and a rotary clothes line inside it, and a little tunnel from the back door straight into it for the dog etc... as for the flea collar she get's flea'd regularly and they flies don't really land on her as such as she wont stay out there now but they swarm around none stop landing everywhere and it's HORRID !   I'm not talking just a few flies but loads.... virtually all of them green bottle flies


Diz, check your garden/patio out for dead bodies !


Mmm, I thought my other half would have decomposed by now :lol:


have you tried something like this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tusk-Top-Fly-Trap-Red/dp/B000F6BYWM We used one similar when we had chickens as they tend to attract flies, it worked very well. 


Looks good, I'll get some of those from somewhere too


Oh, and make sure you keep the door of your teleporter shut, just in case.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Let the mega battle commence.... Tracey I've just ordered on of those fly bags from ebay and it should be here by Thursday.  I will be counting every one of the little *******'s that it catches and I may even take photo's too  (well I hope it will catch green bottle flies anyway)

Now to find a salt gun and some triffids :lol:

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