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Magic Weekend


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What a great weekend of rugby - fantastic weather, great atmosphere and incredible value for money.  Paid £22.50 for my ticket (50% off re: season ticket holder) and went both days culminating in a convincing victory over Saints.


Apart from our game, 2nd day alittle disappointing in so much as Castleford & Huddersfield both won convincingly, whereas all four games on the 1st day were close encounters.


I go every year and will be looking forward to next year's event......

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Our son an a coach load of mates went yesterday too and he said the whole day was absolutely fantastic all round.  Not exactly sure why they were in pairs pulling a Hilux Suff though other than it was free and fun  :lol: 

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Had a great day on Sunday, enjoying the sun, meeting people from other clubs, spending time with our lovely Catalan friends and of course, hearing the Barmy Army in full voice.


The result was pretty good, too :wink:


Hope it doesn't move too far away next season.

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A disappointing result for us,no excuses Wire wanted it more thaan us ---Saints were the worst team out of the fourteen who competed and can expect some more results like this one.

there are too many players at Langtree Park who arent pulling their weight-it will be interesting to see how many turn up to watch them on Friday.

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