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That's the promise from Mr Millipede; who intends to divert funds from the NHS budget to this end. But where will the money come from (which services will be cut), and where will the additional Doctors come from, given a GP shortage of 10,000?

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Had to take my mother to the doc's yesterday. She managed to get an emergency appointment without too much of a problem.

Do not know what the problem with her is this time she has so many complaints that asking her would entail me having to listen to them all in graphic detail and would probably take up most of my week. But that is mothers for you.


Maybe the money will come from doing away with the unneccesary cosmetic surgery that seems to be on the upturn in recent years or maybe the downsizing of admin staff.

Of course they could always get those tax evaders to pay up in full that would release a fair amount of cash into the coffers.

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Our surgery has a system where you can phone very early in the morning to try & book a same day appointment ,but we  have now registered with their online booking system which is so much easier as appointments can be booked days in advance  & i don't need to disrupt my beauty sleep by getting up early.


I think the public though can be a strain on the doctors  by turning up for the most trivial things when self medication would be just as good .

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Having so far been impressed with our surgery who have the 'ring and a doc will ring you back.. and book you an appointment IF you really do need one system' last month.  I was in there myself yesterday seeing a Livewire Healthy Lifestyle Advisor.  They run loads of free sessions at various locations in Warrington for loosing weight, getting fitter, stopping smoking etc etc by the way if anyone is interested and the one I saw is also a trainer who guides you at the gym and does tailored gym sessions based on your personal goals and health etc . 

I got that appointment after going to Grappenhall for a free shed alarm... strange I know :lol:

Anyway as I expected they wont let me join the gym yet... I knew my blood pressure was high anyway as I haven't taken tablets for almost 2 years so I was expecting that and he put a big * on my letter saying SEE DOCTOR. 
So while I was there I thought 'right dont be stupid not all BP tablets will make you ill like all the others did' so as I walked past reception I took a deep breath and decided it was then or never as I was in the right frame of mind so asked to make an appointment.  I couldn't even though the surgery was empty and was told to ring this morning.

I nearly didn't bother this morning as the little voice came back into my head because I REALLY don't want to take tablets and possibly go through another 18 months of feeling like I'm dying after the reactions I had to the last 2 lots of tablets... but I did ring.  That was at 9am.

At 9.07 am the doc rang me (before I'd had chance to bottle out and go out so I didn't have to speak to him probably  :lol: )  It was actually much nicer and easier to speak to a doc over the phone to be honest honest and he was really nice, listened to all my concerns and was very understanding and helpful too.  So I now have an appointment for Friday and also a blood test appointment for the same day and time.  I said they might not be able to find my veins in my arm cos they usually disappear and he that that was fine cos he'd tell them to take it from my neck.  Seems the docs are also enjoying the new telephone system and they seem more human... unless of course he's a vampire :wink: 

So no complaints from me again so far.... well probably not until they give me evil tablets again of course :(

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