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Anyone Know Which Church This is?


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Hi Guys,


Anyone know where this church is?


The serviceman pictured was stationed at Burtonwood USAAF and therefore the photo could be anywhere in the Cheshire or Lancashire area?


Take a look and see if any of you guys recognise the church and get back to us?




Gary & Malc


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I thought Grappenhall too when I first saw it as it reminded me of that but definitely not as I've just looked at all my old photo's of it over various years and none match it, also the house in the distance behind the chap wouldn't be Grappenhall.

I know which others it isn't but that's not much help sorry.....


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Hi Everyone,


Malcolm has finally found the church.


It is the St Peter's church at Heswall on the Wirral near a beautiful pub called 'The Black Horse Hotel'.


John England, the USAAF engine mechanic and test flight technician based at Burtonwood often ventured out of the area and this is why these photos were taken.


Have a look at the attached photo and you will see the before and after photos taken almost exactly in the same positions.




Malc & Gary


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Well done to Malcolm and how on earth did he manage to find which one it was?   

There were quite a lot of suggestions made on the facebook group page but further investigations (online images and by people popping down to the churches near them for a look) ruled them all out so the search was still on. 
No wonder it was proving hard to recognise and place if it was in the Wirral  :lol:     

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Been to that church and didn't recognise it from the picture. Mind you it was a while ago. The late in-laws lived about a mile away from it and we went there for a look round the little village one fine sunday. No real reason just something to pass the time on a nice day.

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