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The Bridgewater canal, Moore


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NO because your photos are always WAY better than mine.... and if you had told me you were out playing not far away I could have popped down too and 'flashed' at you with your own instrument lol  :P

Legally speaking if I've had it a full week now then surely I'm entitled to keep it..... I have marked my postcode on it with an ultraviolet pen and registered it with the police's 'immobilise' site at my address so no way you can have it back now unless you pay a forfeit or a ransom fee :wink:

Great photo's and I love the colours.  The bottom one is really eerie :) 

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Ooh er missus, its like Carry on Snapping Dizzy lol.  I will have to get my flash back tomorrow though and risk the local plod bagging me, to be honest there isn't much chance of that unless its for speeding.


I am glad you like my pics, both are hdr which you know how to do :wink:



ps. many thanks for editing the title, I know its unlikely but there may be the odd pedant on here :wink:

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Surely not on here PJ :lol: :lol: :wink:

I tried HDR but I must have moved a tiny fraction each time the camera did it's thing but no idea how as it's quite quick.... the result was rather odd when I merged them  :lol:  I shall try with my new tripod stick next time :wink:

OK you can have your flash back tomorrow but give me a bell or txt first so I can make sure we are out ha ha :P 

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its easier with an Iphone or Android device and Pro HDR App! which does the same thing, admittedly  you still have to hold still and hope nothing moves in the frame!, i`m a fan of HDR Photography myself!

I struggle to get anywhere near the quality of image with my phone as with my camera but to be fair my dslr is garbage for making phone calls on lol

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:lol: :lol:  That was funny PJ :lol:

Roman126 isn't that cheating and you will never learn anything like that ha ha :wink:
I have an android but I don't think mine does it.

My sons iPhone has an app that can change my voice so it sounds like I've been on helium though.... or  drunk... or a little child... or even a scarey alien...and that's cool.  I might even get an iPhone just for that 8)

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