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BBC Question Time seats- Warrington


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BBC Question Time is coming to Warrington on 20th March   (whooppee how exciting :lol: )

But I though maybe Obs, Lt K and a few others might like to join in the audience debate and question the 'guests'. 

Not sure who they are all going to be but 'chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander MP, and Labour's shadow health secretary, Andy Burnham MP' are listed so far.

To apply for your seat here's the link


and for info about the Warrington show and guests so far see here


So what questions would you ask ?

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Danny Alexander........ hmmmm if ever there was a person put into a job for being put into a jobs sake it is Danny Alexander... and as for Andy Burnham; of all the Labour politicians (with the exception of Ed Balls) he is the most "in denial" of the lot... none of the financial problems in the NHS are due to his and Gordon Broons PFI obsessions of course....


I hope my invitation comes through!!! 

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Baz PFI's were a Tory invention, yes Labour carried them on wrongly in my opinion, but I notice you have refrained from blaming them, many of the PFI hospitals were Tory plans that Labour took on and continued.



maybe so, but the £68 billion of PFI contracts under Labour,  will cost the taxpayer £215 billion in payments to private companies in the longer term. the financials of the crazy house me thinks

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So have you two applied for seats then? (Baz and Lt K )


If you have I might too just to hear you both as that would be interesting and you'd both be very good at it :wink:


I notice Obs is keeping quiet though :lol:


I have yes....

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Baz will be wearing red Doc Martin boots, tight jeans and will have a Staffordshire bull Terrier to make himself look hard.


my days of doc martins and tight jeans are long behind me.... and as for dogs; I cull every one of the bloody s**t machines.... and as for looking hard you tell me when we meet down that dark alley one night :)

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Well what did people think of the show last Thursday? - Andy Burnham seemed to know everyone in Warrington :mrgreen: - When I said to my daughter that one of her teachers from Birchwood was his brother a look of amazement came over her face - You mean Mr Burnham's brother is an MP :P - and our 2nd to youngest parish councillor Tom - (he used to be the youngest until the other week until Andrew got elected) got a question in as did Cllr Jean Carter.

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