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One of yours Gary ?


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Gary is right - all Skentelbery folk are related to us. I have a family tree somewhere and will dig it out and see if the tragic John is on it. I am pretty sure he will be, although it will not give details of his death - only the date.

What is an amazing coincidence, however, is the fact that you have been researching ancient back issues of the West Briton, because I have, this week, been interviewed by a reporter from the same newspaper (which is still going strong) about my (plug, plug) film "Lizard Love Story" which can be seen elsewhere in the forum.


Apparently they are going to do a feature on it.


Over the years, my wife and I have several times seriously considered moving to Cornwall and starting a business there. In which case, Orbit News Ltd might have been a Cornish agency rather than a Warrington one.  If we had gone on the first occasion we considered it, Gary would never have been a Scouser. He would probably have been a Plymouth Argyle supporter!


We have considered going down there as recently as four years ago, when we saw a house overlooking the sea that would have suited us nicely. It wouldn't have flooded, either, because it was at the top of a very steep hill.

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A house overlooking the sea..... sounds like a dream.  It would be no good for me though as I'd just sit there gazing out of the window watching the waves every day and would never get anything done.


Strange coincidence indeed about the newspaper especially considering the number of search results across all papers and areas that came up and I just happened to click on that one. 

Great that you have been interviewed about your video :)


Must be great to have such an unusual surname when it comes to doing family trees and must make it so much easier.  You should check out the Ancestry website as there are quite a lot of old family photo's uploaded by tree makers on there of various Skentelbery's from Cornwall so I guess most will be your relations too.

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