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The tolerent and multicultural country in which we live


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I don't think anyone on here ever accused teachers of being bright but this is stupid, and unnecessary and should make the Authorities wonder if she is the right person for the job given her dreadful decision making skills. I wonder what "marker" will be placed on her file for the rest of her school career?


P.S.  when did Islam become a race?

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Compulsory integration....some one should point that out to the schools that teach solely in the home  language  of the immigrants . I am sure if i emigrated to foreign climes i wouldn't expect the kids in my kids class to be taught  British culture.

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but I agree it is a bit extreme of the school.


You really do amaze me......


Trust the Mail to pick up on it and sell it to their avid readers as an everyday occurrence


Not just the mail Kije...


The Mail


The Telegraph

The Express and Star

The Metro


The Herald Scotland

The Daily Mirror


and many others


All ran the story on the same day or the day after it originally broke..... but I notice you never mentioned the others and chose to make out it was a daily Mail thing once again rather than believe that it actually happened

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