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JFK assassinated 50 years ago.


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For those old enough to remember, a President of the USA was killed in Dallas, Texas 50 years ago. Since then, numerous conspiracy theories, even films; have speculated on the perpetrators. The latest theory, would appear to be an anti-climax; that the fatal head shot was an accident. Oswald got off two shots, the first missed, the second went through Kennedy's chest and entered the body of the passenger in the front seat of the limo. In the panic that ensued, a body guard in the second car, spotted the shooter's position, and grabbed a rifle from the floor of the limo, in order to return fire. As he lifted the rifle, switching off the safety catch in the same movement; the car jolted and the weapon discharged - unfortunately, it was pointing at Kennedy's head.

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No matter who didded it dead is dead.


The events surrounded the killing have been gone over so many times with so many different scenarios put forth i am surprised they have not come up with one of suicide.


Fifty years on and people are still arguing about the fatal shot.


People want there to be something sinistter in all high profile deaths, some secret plot.


Given the number of conspiracy theories surrounding such deaths makes you wonder how the people who find out about them find out about them. if the government has hushed them up, how do they know and who told them.


Waiting for them to come out with the current whereabouts of Elvis next seeing as he has just made a new video with Susan Boyle. 8)  8)  8)  :mrgreen:

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It certainly seems the most plausible Gaz; but even in this case, there appears to have been a "cover up". Seems Robert Kennedy had the brain removed and kept from any further research to find the type of bullet etc. It seems they preferred the martyrdom of an assassination rather than an accident.

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