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Losing our head


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:) :) I never realised until you posted Sid but I think this thread may be ripe for hijack by the usual immigrant/send the buggers back brigade :wink:


Whilst I agree with this repatriation of the head to its homeland I wonder how limited museums may become if they can only show locally sourced exhibits????

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Just stumbled on this link on the beeb site......


You didn't see this story on here 2 days ago then PJ ?   It says a lot more about it too :wink:




I think it's nice that the head is going back to it's homeland too as it cant be shown on display here anyway.   The heads are sacred to the Maori and it's regarded as an insult to them to be shown in public as is taking/showing a photograph of one.     

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We only have one in Warrington, it s a teenage boy apparently and was donated to the museum in 1885. 


I wonder who donated him and where they got him from :unsure:  Now you mention it though it does seem rather sad that he's lying in a museum in a glass box :(  


Maybe you could collect him and take him back with you if you ever pop over Cleo :lol:  :wink:

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