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Dog Attack on Kingsway


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Yesterday, my friend's little dog was attacked and killed, on her property, by an American Bulldog.


The owner of the dog was dragged into the garden by it but excused its behaviour saying, 'It's not his fault, he's only a baby'!


It could have been a child!!!

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OMG Sheila that is so awful and upsetting to read and like you say it could have been in the garden.  It could also have been a child or adult simply out walking with their pet dog and who could have been injured or killed had they been in the middle and tried to intervene. 


The poor little dog and I can't imagine how your friend must be feeling.  Did he/she see it happen :(


As for the other dogs owner well clearly they shouldn't have a dog in the first place especially if they think that is normal behaviour for one of any age or breed as it most certainly IS NOT !! 


Shocking !!!!

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Yes, she witnessed it.  She's traumatised.  Small children witnessed it to.  It was very graphic and horrific.


Pics have been circulated of the the owner concerned, who allegedly gave my friend loads of verbal abuse before she dragged the dog away.


Two dogs will now lose their lives because of an ineffectual owner.


No remorse from the owner, who carried on with her walk.

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It is not just the owner's fault. Some of these breeds are genetically killers that should not be bred in the first place. So much for the lessons that were going to be learned from the Ellie Lawrence tragedy.


I am sure though that no respectable breeder would knowingly breed killer dogs which are probably the result of the breeding efforts of back street Johnnies who want to make a few bob on the side by turning out any old dangerous dog for their status symbol hungry mates.

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