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Passport to hell

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Seems everybody applying for a passport, even renewals, from 2009 will have to attend an interview at a "local" centre. :wink:


What an absolute load of rubbish ( or words to that effect :wink: ), I've held a passport for 30 years, why on earth should I have to waste, time, effort and money in attending an interview miles away.


To me, being a simple fellow, I would think it not too difficult to sift out applications that might possibly be fraudulent.


No doubt costs will rise and there will be chaos, words simply fail me. Well not just yet, we have ineffective border controls, we have 500,000 + illegals here and convicted foreign murderers and rapists rampaging around the country and all our Government seems to be able to do is penalise and impede the vast majority of our law abiding citizens.


Pathetic. :x:x:x



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Isnt this just for new passports and not renewals anyway?


No free parking at Liverpool and certainly not here in Manchester!!


This is the build up for the ID card it has been said elsewhere in the press today.

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It is not that you need to delete anything, it is the fact that certain things were omitted, so in effect it reads somewhat differently, many of my posts are done with a sense of irony, you don't really think I would seek to become a Somali citizen........do you. Anyway enough said on my part. :)

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If you still have any aspirations to become a councillor or indeed further your political career (not so sure after yesterdays result) then you will need to get used to people highlighting certain sections of your posts and future speeches, and using them as headlines. That is not being inaccurate, that is just being selective.

Also you will need to get a sense of humour as it was plain to see that my offer to witness your application to become a Somali citizen was tongue in cheek :roll::roll:

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Originally posted by Paul Kennedy:



Interestingly political spin merchants would be able to claim I had a sensational result - increased the Tory vote by 25% in an exceptionally strong Lib Dem Ward. :D

Why not be totally dishonest and just say - you won. :wink:
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In 2009 I will be 66 (No! Yes. You don't look it. Thank you.) I have held a British passport since I was 12. I have a Birth Certificate that shows I was born in Lancashire. I have held a British Driving Licence since 1967. I have worked for the British Civil Service (on and off) since 1959. I married a member of the British armed forces in 1962 and I have 3 British children.


What on Earth could I tell them about myself, in a face-to-face interview, that they don't already know? :o

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