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Rod King gets an MBE


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Congratulations Rod.... I may not agree with your campaigns; but credit where it is due to be recognised in such a way.


Agreed and congratulations from me too Rod.   


I'm still waiting for mine, maybe next year eh  :lol:  

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Many thanks for what I can only describe as "gracious" comments from those who I have often robustly "discussed" matters in the past.


I have "looked in" now and then but try to stick to what is probably my "specialised subject".


My best wishes to the forum.




(Of course, no need for surnames or titles I hope in this place)

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Rod... credit where it's due. One cannot deny your commitment to the cause.... I'm not sure my cause of increasing speed limits on motorways in line with those in Germany would get as much support and recognition, but we can hope!!

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Hi Folks


As I said, I do "pop in" to the forum occasionally and was rather surprised yesterday to see this article topical again.


I understand that things are moving forward with regards to the 20mph roll-out in Warrington. I expect soon that you will see further traffic orders as per the original plan.


Elsewhere there have been several announcements around the country on 20mph limits. Local authorities recently deciding on 20mph limits for most residential streets include Manchester City, Sefton, Wigan, St Helen's, Oldham, Nottingham, Rochdale. In fact now 50% of the Greater Manchester Boroughs are committed.


In London there have been a number of new announcements. Just this month the City of London Corporation decided they will set a 20mph limit for all the roads in the "square mile" including main roads. Now 25% of London Boroughs are committed includiing most of the inner city boroughs. And Transport for London who manage the main road network have been putting in 20mph limits on some of their roads.


Birmingham City Council has been putting detail on its plans for 90% of roads to have a 20mph limit. 


The Association of Chief Police Officers is re-writing its guidance to "toughen" up on enforcement of 20mph limits.


By the way, I did meet Bazj over the summer at the Lymm Transport Festival. I can report that it all passed off amicably.


Best wishes




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Hello Rod :)


Forgetting the 20mph for a sec... where there is currently a 30mph limit on a small but straight stretch of residential road with adjoining side roads and parked cars.... but where drivers of cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries etc ignore this limit who are the best people to contact... WBC council, parish councils or the local police ?



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