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  1. Those interested may like to see the original report from the IAM :- http://iam.org.uk/media-and-research/media-centre/news-archive/20505-casualties-increase-in-20mph-zones and the response made by 20's Plenty for Us :- http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/PRel/bogusIAMrep.pdf
  2. Grey one Money for services comes from a completely different budget than capital items such as 20mph limits. Hence one does not affect the other.
  3. Not at all grey one. Just feel that there is no point in putting effort into those with entrenched views. However, I am pleased to hear that you never exceed 20mph on these roads anyway. Of course I am assuming that you are not one of those who don't drive sensibly. In which case you should be pleased that your "sensible" driving is now being endorsed by the law.
  4. Sorry folks I only commented because I wanted to clarify that spacing of signs is something WBC don't have any discretion on. You seem to be opening up a debate which is already history from several years ago. Since then the same conclusion that Warrington came to for its residential road speed limits has been endorsed by central government, local authorities and communities across the country. Its actually very simple. Do you want to endorse vehicles travelling at 30mph on residential, shopping and school streets? As interventions go, 20mph limits are affordable, the benefits wide and the downsides are negligible. And so, if you don't mind I will continue in my "dreamland" and you can continue in yours. Best wishes. Rod
  5. Well Dizzy, the Warrington pilots showed a 27% reduction in casualties on residential streets so is good evidence that they work. Results from around the country also echo this. Councillors around the country also think the same. You can see the councils representing 20% of the UK population on our website. And the benefits of lower speeds are wide which is why councillors and transport, health and other professionals all support wide-area 20mph limits. Whether it will "Work" for anyone I guess really depends on their values. Monitoring road safety, public health, child independent mobility, sustainability of travel, etc are all responsibilities of the local authority when it is unitary such as Warrington.
  6. Dizzy Yes Coffee Not mine, but Warrington's. Decision made with all party support after an extensive pilot. Also being done by most of UK's iconic cities. And there is increasing support from central government and Public Health.
  7. Yep, just off to "dreamland" now. Sleep tight!
  8. Dizzy I don't think they go on-line. The DfT regulation for a TRO is that it has to go on local paper. There is a change planned by DfT for local authority to be given discretion to use on-line publishing instead. Rod
  9. Dizzy Every one of the phases has been preceded by a Traffic Regulation Order including full disclosure in the local paper. Last week's Guardian has the complete list of roads in the final phases so that the public can comment. When planning the roll-out which was approved as you have said, the council managed to find further funds including a Local Sustainable Transport Fund which obtained new money from central government. They also developed a more efficient way if installing signage which has made considerable savings allowing earlier completion. The complete borough is now planned to be completed this calendar year. So the council has :- 1. Gained grants from central government to support and fund the roll out 2. Worked with suppliers on innovative ways to save money in the implementation I believe that both of these should be commended. Rod
  10. Bazj Sorry for the delay in replying, but I have been speaking at a national conference on speed management today. You are referencing a 2006 forum and since then there have been 3 new sets of guidance on speed limits and several changes in the TSRGD signage regulation. Now repeater signs and carriageway roundels are classed as "traffic calming devices" for the purpose of 20mph zones and the only requirement for physical calming in such zones is that there needs to be a minimum of 1 physical device in the zone. Basically the rules are that you have to have something at regular intervals to show that a 20mph zone or limit is so. In a zone this can be repeater signs and carriageway roundels or physical calming. In a limit it requires repeater signs or carriageway roundels but could also have physical calming in addition but not instead of. With regard to the ABD reference then they are simply not credible as they have not taken into account the 2011 letter from the Transport minister allowing the use of repeater signs and carriageway roundels as "traffic calming devices". So their advice is hopelessly out of date. Regarding the zones in Westbrook. If you think they are incorrect then I suggest you contact WBC about them. Greyman As usual you are just wrong. Police can and do enforce 20mph limits. Shortly they will be able to put offenders on a speed awareness course for exceeding 24mph in a 20mph limit. In addition there are cases in civil law where a driver has been found liable for an incident because he was exceeding 24mph in a 20 mph limit. Rod
  11. The placing and spacing of repeater signs is regulated by DfT in their Traffic Signs and Regulations Directive. It is not discretionary and if you have a wide area 20mph limit then you are required to follow these regulations. Hence, whilst it may seem inappropriate to require a sign in certain places the "blame" lies with DfT and not WBC. Best regards Rod
  12. Hi Dizzie You should contact your local police. But there is an advantage in also talking to parish and town councillor. If you are unhappy with the police response the contact your Police and Crime Commissioner, John Dwyer. Best regards Rod
  13. Hi Folks As I said, I do "pop in" to the forum occasionally and was rather surprised yesterday to see this article topical again. I understand that things are moving forward with regards to the 20mph roll-out in Warrington. I expect soon that you will see further traffic orders as per the original plan. Elsewhere there have been several announcements around the country on 20mph limits. Local authorities recently deciding on 20mph limits for most residential streets include Manchester City, Sefton, Wigan, St Helen's, Oldham, Nottingham, Rochdale. In fact now 50% of the Greater Manchester Boroughs are committed. In London there have been a number of new announcements. Just this month the City of London Corporation decided they will set a 20mph limit for all the roads in the "square mile" including main roads. Now 25% of London Boroughs are committed includiing most of the inner city boroughs. And Transport for London who manage the main road network have been putting in 20mph limits on some of their roads. Birmingham City Council has been putting detail on its plans for 90% of roads to have a 20mph limit. The Association of Chief Police Officers is re-writing its guidance to "toughen" up on enforcement of 20mph limits. By the way, I did meet Bazj over the summer at the Lymm Transport Festival. I can report that it all passed off amicably. Best wishes Rod
  14. Many thanks for what I can only describe as "gracious" comments from those who I have often robustly "discussed" matters in the past. I have "looked in" now and then but try to stick to what is probably my "specialised subject". My best wishes to the forum. Rod (Of course, no need for surnames or titles I hope in this place)
  15. Look, I was trying to help. The site I have given you allows you to note potholes and automatically inform the appropriate council. Once informed then they have to take it seriously. If you are interested in fixing potholes then use it. Regards
  16. Here is a link to a useful website where you can report potholes. This then gets forwarded to the appropriate local authority. www.fillthathole.org.uk Rod
  17. Grey Man Why respond. They haven't included any references and have been refuted before. I have better things to do with my time than repeating the same known and referenced information to you over and over again. Bye Bye
  18. PS They weren't my pilot schemes, but the council's. They did them in order to find out whether they should implement across the whole town. Their opinion and decision was that they should. This was supportted by the previous Lib/dem/Conservative coalition and the current Labour administration. Rod
  19. Grey Man Rather than just telling us your thoughts as if they were facts, can you please present some evidence for your claims. I prefer it when you argue with facts that have references rather than mere opinions. So just taking your statements in the last post please provide references if you want a response. Rod
  20. One thing they are doing is making ot easier to lower speeds on residential roads. But they need to make it even easier and we all need to respect more the people who do walk or cycle whenever they can.
  21. Not really Grey_Man. Maybe its just that you have stopped listening on road safety and the environment. Rod
  22. Not really Algy. I'm fairly light-hearted. Although perhaps I am a little serious on the subject of 20mph limits as they do mean so much to so many people who support them around the country. I guess that Germany, cycling and 20mph does hit a sensitive point for me as it was my cycle ride to Hilden in 2004 to find out how they achieved 23% of in-town trips by cycle that first brought to my attention their policy of 30kmh limits and this being the foundation for walking and cycling. It means that for every 100 people moving around the town they have some 40 fewer cars than moving the same number of people here in Warrington. And whats more, kids have great independent mobility and it creates great residential places.. And yes, having cycled from here to Hilden and around many EU countries then I can assure you that I am quite "comfortable in traffic". But 20mph limits are not about assisting the current people who cycle (who I see as the "fit and the brave") but the much greater proportion of people who would consider cycling or walking if streets were made safer. That requires both better and more appropriate traffic speeds and a proper consideration by us all that travelling above 20mph where we mix with pedestrians and cyclists rarely saves us much time but limits the ability for us to enable children and adults to walk or cycle if they want to. Regarding the videos, I never said that I found them unfunny, or even not amusing. Its just that I feel they are rather tacky and in bad taste. Over the years I have come to know many of the councillors and planning/traffic officers in the council. I have had many robust discussions with them. But overall, my impression is that they are all trying to do their best in difficult situations and with many conflicting priorities. I don't think I have met any who have not been trying to do the best as they see it for their consituents or for the council. And that's true for some who I have really disagreed with. To be frank it is so easy to take "potshots" at councillors and officers. Their position makes it sometimes very difficult to respond. My preference is to actually engage with them. That does not mean "cosying" up to them and several will tell you that some conversations have been fairly robust. But robustness is perhaps better conducted behind closed doors, and certainly when you start to make the suggestion in the videos about the planners, their wives, etc, then I think you are going beyond what is polite and on a more practical note beyond what is productive. I am sure that we have all seen the near expletives used to describe councillors, officers and even sometimes myself on this forum. Those posting should really ask themselves who's opinion they are trying to change and if they think that such language is going to make them more or less influencial with those they wish to influence. And to get back to "sense of humour", here's one which Cleo will appreciate :- I remember in 2004 that when I returned from Hilden and my trip was reported in the Guardian some wag wrote in and said that it was a good job I didn't go to Cairo for my holiday or else I might be suggesting "camel lanes". I am sure that whoever wrote in had a good laugh but I remember Bob Monkhouse once saying that someone had told him he would never make a comedian. His reply was "I bet he's not laughing now". So overall, if it were "Strictly Hitler Ranting" I would give 9 out of 10 for the "effort". 6 out of 10 for the "amusement", and 2 out of 10 for the "taste". With best regards Rod
  23. algy If you must, try http://downfall.jfedor.org/ It looks fairly easy and dispenses with most of the effort. Alternatively try googling "create your own hitler rant" Rod
  24. It really is very easy. Technophobes should not be frightened off. Its just a case of going to a web site and typing in the captions. Its so easy that literally thousands have been created, even some parodying those who create them. I guess one thing you do need is to be pretty insensitive to the bigger picture, particularly when your town is twinned with another in Germany. And if its on topics such as more civilised streets, cycling and waste collection, then one perhaps needs to think how our twin town is so much better at us with most children feeling safe enough to cycle on the streets and far higher levels of recycling. So, yes, they can be entertaining and even amusing. I suspect they won't change opinions but will merely confirm the prejudices of those who already have prejudices. Best regards Rod
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