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North Way Bus Stop


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For some strange reason the bus stops have been put in the middle of the road on Northway, so that when a bus stops it blocks the entire road.


Now the generous council of Warrington have provided everyone along the road with a drive  (including gates, paved garden and new walls). Yet the bus stops are still in the middle of the road.


Wonder if the council have plans to move the stops to the side of the road so that traffic can get by when the bus stops to pick up passengers?

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Where's Northway ? :oops:


..PS  if the council would see fit to providing me and all my neighbours with drives, gates etc etc then I/we will be very happy verypeople ( andI for one  will never ask questions or criticise them again :wink: )  Ours wont have any impact on busses either as none go down here even though we do have a bus stop.

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It's yet another deliberate attempt by WBC to make life as difficult for motorists as possible as part of their continuing social engineering campaign to force everyone onto inadequate public transport and bicycles.




There is absolutely no reason for the pavement to have been built out the way it has. Any sensible person would have simply put the bus stop there.

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