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Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire


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My grandson went to see Goblet of Fire at noon today, the first showing in California, at the Disney AMC theater. He enjoyed it. My brother, his Uncle Bob took him in my stead. The Rawling charm escapes me.


WWE is having a special program on Eddie Guerrero at 8 PM tonight. I'll tune in, just to see if this was a hoax.

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i really enjoyed the film, much darker than the previous ones,the scenes underwater especially were superb, but they cut out sooooooooooo much of the story that i think if you had not read the book some things would just not make any sense. It didn't seem a long film, but it was at over 2 1/2 hrs as it was with all the omissions, apparently the HP society were campaigning for the film to be 4 1/2 long so that more of the story was included!


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I haven't read the book and I found the film a massive sprawling entertaining mess.There were so many characters it was impossible to keep track of the various threads.


Thought the underwater and maze scenes were quite spectacular though.My youngest fell asleep half way through it ,just as well because the scary bits are surprisingly scary.


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I too saw the Goblet of Fire this weekend - with my grandchildren. I thought it was darker than the previous but then the book was as well.


I commented on the fact that many things were left out but then how long of a movie did we want to watch? Could have been 4 hours - and I think the cut scenes except the house elves were ok.


But it was a weekend 100 million dollar winner here! Definitely a thumbs up from me though!! :wink:

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ive enjoyed all the harry potter films and this one was equally as good ,getting alittle darker as youve mentioned...if they arent careful it will get too scary for the younger generation and veer away from the family viewing .....keep it 'not so dark'for the younger viewers....... :roll:

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