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8 hours ago, Observer II said:

Not a hero, merely a victim of a PC establishment.

Utter garbage,  he is a racist criminal not a victim.  He’s getting a little bit of the justice he deserves.  

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he has a long list of crimes and jail terms.

  • 2005: Jailed for assault occasioning actual bodily harm (12 months)
  • 2011: Community order for football brawl (12 months)
  • 2013: Travelling on another man's passport to the USA (10 months)
  • 2014: Mortgage fraud (18 months)
  • Others offences: Possession of drugs, threatening behaviour and breach of court order

and also a previous conviction for contempt of court.  Locking him up is not a PC conspiracy to shut him up, it is a neccesary step to make the streets a safer place with one less thug strutting around.

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2 hours ago, Davy51 said:

The bloke would be more credible if he didn't hide behind at least one assumed name.

He would sound more credible if he called himself Adolf Hitler 

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