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Don't you have to have a permanent address to be served with prosecution?  Travellers, like every section of the community, can be good, bad or indifferent.  I remember as a child having a group of tr

The police and other authorities could end this farce in a single day if they wanted to.   Full roadworthiness, insurance, road tax, MOT, driver licencing and ownership registration checks on all ve

And she means that most sincerly folks.

It seems to me that the main problems which occur with regard to 'travellers' are related to there seeming to be multiple accepted definitions of the word 'traveller'.

In my mind the different groups of people are easily defined;

As Wolfie and Sid have just said 20yrs in one place is a settled existence and not a travelling lifestyle so these people should not be classed as travellers.

Those who have bought land and set up a permanent residence should not be classed as travellers - nor should they be treated any different than anybody else when it comes to seeking planning permission on the green belt!

Those who are travelling the country merely so that they can pursue a life of crime and evade conviction are not travellers but travelling criminals.

Those who have been born into a family who have been travelling - with no fixed abode - for generations and who maintain this nomadic lifestyle are true travellers. ,These people are generally not troublesome, support themselves by working as they go and are just as much, if not more so, disgruntled by the other groups who call themselves 'travellers'.

The true travellers should be easily identifiable and I think that by the police and authorities they are. So why are all these clearly different groups of people classified under the same name ie. ''travellers'.

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