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  1. If it's illegal to drive on pavements, then surely all those parked cars have driven on the pavement at some point and should be crushed/seized.
  2. Fascinating to think of what was once there, and is now houses and open space. If you look on Google satellite, you can roughly make out the formation of the once "straight" line. If only Beeching could see the potential of retaining this line, an express railway to rival Chat moss!
  3. Can't say I've noticed.. although that maybe due to trying to avoid all the dog mess in Sankey Valley
  4. Probably be safer as the cars behind the bus will now have to wait for the bus to start moving or until they can pass. The bus stop outside St. Gregg's was never positioned very well anyway and the driver would only see waiting passengers atthe last minute.
  5. Mr. Cow


    Ah. So that's what those vans were doing driving around westbrook yesterday. Anyone want to wager where they end up next? Time out/asda carpark perhaps??
  6. Hi All, I was looking at some old photo's of the CLC (Liverpool - Manchester) railway line in Warrington, some of which showed a line running through Dallam. It looks like there used to be a Warrington "avoiding" line which went straight from Sankey to Padgate (you can still roughly make out the route of the trackbed today!), and another line which forked off from Sankey to Padgate via Warrington Central. I was just wondering if anyone knew which of these routes opened first and why the avoiding line was closed? Does anyone happen to have any pictures of the line through Dallam? Also, there are 2 railway bridges at Froghall lane (at the junction with Midland way). One of the bridges is disused but when you look at it on google earth, its position/alignment makes no sense in relation to the current railway line. Does anyone know what this disused bridge was used for? Sidings perhaps? Thanks **EDIT** Sorry, just realised this would probably be better in the history section - mods feel free to move.
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