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An intruder?


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I'd *accidentally* shoot her three times then weep in court.....My uncle would give interviews on the steps of the court claiming I'd never get over it. Miss Steenkamp won't have the opportunity to *get over it* unfortunately....Then when a *substance* along with hyperdermic needles are found in my bedroom I would claim it is a *herbal* remedy although some cynics would doubt herbal remedies are administered  by mainlining them.....I didn't have roid rage... NO, I DID NOT AND I'LL SHOOT ANYBODY WHO SAYS I DID !!!....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. 

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He hasn't got a leg to stand on with that tale. hears a noise, gets out of bed, grabs his gun, crawls down the hallway and fire several shots into the bathroom. Any sensible person would call the police before investigating any peculiar noise in the house if they suspected an intruder.


but in answer to your original question.


You wake up in the night, your girl friend is no longer by your side in bed, you hear a noise in the toilet area - so what do you do?

Remind her to put the vent fan on before she gets back into bed :mrgreen:

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