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Very sheltered life then Adam.


The Presley you had heard of, had an excellent voice with a superb range of songs. He could sing most  types of music. Perhaps you should listen to some of his latter day songs, instead of thinking all he could sing was loud Rock and Roll.

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Sheltered life?  No, I simply restricted my radio listening to Radio 3,Radio 4 and Voice of America where, perhaps surprisingly, I never neard either of the Presleys!

I guess if you went out in the street and asked people if they had heard of a pop singer named Presley, not too many would say "Reg?"

Actually, if I was forced at gunpoint to listen to the OTHER Presley, I would opt for his rock 'n' roll. If he hadn't gained some fame among the proletariat for his rock, I doubt if he would ever have got a recording contract for his so-called ballads. I don't know about the range of songs he sang, but the range of his voice was quite limited, lacking in feeling in ballads and generally giving the impression that he was just going through the motions.

But then, that's just my opinion!

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