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Don't really understand why Warrington charge for off street parking and are considering charging for on street parking and are supposedly running at a loss.

Go up the road to Widnes and you can park on the road and off the road for free. So who's got it right? 

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It's free to park in Widnes for a simple reason-there is a limited range of shops. Although it has got better in the last year or so. Same goes for Runcorn and Northwich.


Is it really that bad to park in Warrington? You can park in the multi-storey for £2-40 for 4 hours. You won't even get wet, and a lift down to the very heart of the shops. You can park on the "bomb-site" on Winwick St for £2-20 all day. You can even park for free for a quick visit if you know where to look, eg Bewsey St, Sankey St, Museum St, Palmyra Sq, Riverside etc. It's even free on Sundays and Thursday evening.


You have to pay in Wigan on Sundays. Blackpool is £7-00 for 4 hours every day. Chester is astronomical, that's if you can get anywhere near the centre.

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