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The Bourne Legacy


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There are some films you want to watch over and over and then there those with complex and interwoven plots that you need to watch several times just so that your brain can make sense of it all. All three films in the Bourne trilogy for me certainly fell into this latter class but just when I thought that all the pieces of the jigsaw seemed to have fallen into place, up pops another film, the Bourne Legacy.


When I heard that the new film had no Jason Bourne (Matt Daemon) in it, I wondered how the heck is that going to work out as it sounds like a Bond movie without a James Bond. As it turns out it wasn’t a problem because the new guy played a fellow agent fighting against the same web of conspiracy as Bourne did but with the story line focussing more on the geneticists that made him that way. The plot runs almost in parallel with the last film in the series with several cuts into the original but ultimately creating an entirely different outcome.


Best film I’ve seen this year with action that makes James Bond look like a total wimp but if you’ve never seen the previous films, then you might just be left wondering a bit.



Bill :)


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That's the magic that is Hollywood.


If in the film the cia has that level of surveillance technology then you can bet it is probably better than shown as they don't have a tendency to  reveal all. 8)


It is surprising the level of the surveillance equipment that is available even on the open market. A quick google on spy gadgets and you would be surprised what you can get your hands on.


If he wore a disguise all the time then how would you know who was the "hero" of the piece, even in "real life" villains do not tend to wear disguises unless it is to rob a bank and even then not always. :ph34r:

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