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Warrington Family History Society

Tracey Bennett

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Tracey, as well as being on the Warrington Committee, I'm the PublicationsOfficer for the main Society (Liverpool & S.W. Lancs. Family History Society) The on-line shop appears to be OK. I'm getting plenty of orders !! PM me with the problems you're having.

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I didn't know the Warrington FHS group still existed. 


I seem to remember my mum was part of it many many years ago (probably around the time that she and many others went round helping to record all the grave inscriptions in local grave yards). 


Many graves have since sadly deteriorated or become covered as tomb stones and crosses have been laid flat or inscriptions have faded even more are no longer legible.  Thanks to her and many other people these inscriptions and records have been recorded and kept 'alive'.


I can't find the Warrington FHS group website though and I'd like to see what sort of things are available so can either of you (Tracey / Joe) please upload a link to the site for me.


Cheers  :D    

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A few old pictures on the site that would interest you Algy although I did recognise some that you have posted here previously.


Thanks Cleo, I had seen them before, Bill informed that there were a large amount on Facebook and to see them I had to register, when I saw them most were what I had already posted on here so not being a Facebook type of person I deactivated my account.

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