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Where were are these taken.


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Are you sure the top one's not in Warrington Algy as I think I know where it is.

Dizz, I think you do know where it is, I may have mislead you a teeny bit although the second and third are outside Warrington but most local people will have passed over the canal at some time in there lives, but the buildings featured have long gone.

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Nah, not interested in the hairy truckers (which rhymes with something else so I wonder if truckers is allowed in a family forum). :unsure:

Can't see a problem with the word 'Truckers' as it simply describes someone that drives a truck or motor wagon, but don't advise venturing along the highway of alternative similar sounding word!!! :blink: .

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Ee by heck Arty lad...! Where the heck have you been in this long time? :unsure:



Cleopatra..I have been here all the time.seeing your remarks made me smile .I may start a (where am I ) photo comp for a little fun and banter in the next week or two.. just a little busy at this moment in time..I'm watching you! cheers art.


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Seeing as either no one knows or have just lost interest, photo 2. is the old Chester Road bridge at Preston Brook, the Red Lion pub was out of picture on the left.

Photo 3. is the Preston Brook Tunnel entrance, the house has long gone.

I'm surprised you didn't spot those Dizz, you being a 'water gypsy'. :wink::D :grin:

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