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Chris Vobes


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He was suspended as a member of the Labour Party - not as a member of the council. So he (and the other member who was also suspended as a member of the Labour Party) can continue to represent their constituents, attend meetings and do everything that a councillor can do. They are, in effect, now independent councillors. And some might argue that is a good thing!

Not heard anything more about the inquiry - and don't expect to hear it soon. These things take time

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No idea Cleo and I was wondering the same as there have been a couple of news articles with him in lately and all refer to him as Clr again.


Bit odd that there hasn't been anything reported saying he's no longer suspended and as wasnt there a police investigation into whatever he allegedly did.


There was another one suspended too before him (Clr Patel I think?) is he back in his seat now too?

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Ooops, sorry Egbert we must have been typing at the same time as yours wasn't there when I started :oops:


Thanks for the explanation and like you say good to have two independant councillors on the 'team' but a shame they aren't really independant eh :wink:


Actually thinking about it, what is the point of suspending them if they can carry on going to meetings and doing everything else too.


Are they still getting paid their council allowances?

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As I think you know already, I didn't really like Christopher Vobes, but, I think I am warming to him now. He appears to be doing what he was elected to do, representing and working in the interest of his electorate and letting it be known that he is doing rather than becoming a cronie of the self interest others in the town hall. He doesn't care who's toes he steps on in the process. The sign of a good councillor and I would say he will go far. Maybe one day he may become Prime Minister. :wink:

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No observer, that was Jonathan Woss, a very clever man. He must be because he fooled so many people for so long into believing that he is entertaining.

Andrew Sachs (Andreas Siegfried Sachs) the German born British actor did not find Woss or his cwony, Wussel Bwand, in the least bit funny when they vilely insulted his grandaughter in the name of entertainment. :huh:

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