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Oh No Not Again !


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An article sneaked in to the Mid Week Guardian has filled me with dread. Not content with improving the Bridgefoot roundabout Councillor Dirir has turned her attention to two junctions on Sankey Way. She plans to improve its junction with Cromwell Avenue and its approach to the Pink Eye roundabout/Lovely Lane. There was a ”have your say” drop in session at the Peace Centre on Cromwell Avenue on Tuesday 16th. As far as I am aware there was no prior notice of this initiative and as the Mid Week Guardian dropped through my letter box on Wednesday the invitation was at best academic or, at worst, planned so that no one knew about it.


I live in Westbrook so in order to get in or out of Warrington I have to use both junctions on a thrice-daily frequency, sometimes more. What exactly does she think needs improving?? There is absolutely nothing whatever wrong with either junction.


It seems that the Government have handed WBC £4.65m to spend on local sustainable transport i.e. pedestrians and cyclists, and Councillor Dirir is determined to spend it, even on unnecessary projects, rather that give it back to Central Government.

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There's another topic about this that was started yesterday.




I missed that as I do not scan the WW regularly. I guess that others don't either so it seems to be a blind siding attempt by the executive board member for highways,transportation and climate change to get another needless spendfest under way. It's shocking that "WBC" says he is looking for suggestions in order to waste Govt cash in carrying out work that, judging by responses so far on here, is totally unnecessary.


I will be interested to learn from anyone who attended the drop in of any suggestions put forward ? Perhaps "WBC" will enlighten us of the outcome ?

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