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odd text messages

Evil Sid

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this morning i received a text message. nothing strange about that you may think. this message was a news update about a private plane crash that is currently in the news.


at the end of the message i was to reply stop to opt out of receiving these messages in future. again nothing odd about that apart from the fact that i am not aware of ever having signed up for them in the first place. the number i received the message from was 83833 and the number to reply to was 0808 131083. a web site was also sent www.textupd8.co.uk. a search of the web gets me nothing as the web site seems not to exist. all i know as well is that a post code was sent of CV9 1JN.


has anybody else received this type of thing and should i text stop to the number. i suspect that to do so would cost me some hard earned pennies. any thoughts on the matter. :( :confused:

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Originally posted by mike_b:

I bet it is a rip off number,i wouldnt reply.
0808 numbers in the UK are freephone numbers.
Best thing is to just ignore it !


0808 are the same as the 0800 Freephone number if dialed from a landline. They changed becasue Ofcom is slowly running out of 0800 number ranges to allocate. The 0808 numbers are being used by the likes of SKY TV, Granada and other major corporations and they are also now using them more widely on TV.


BE WARNED THOUGH... 0800 and 0808 NUMBERS ARE NOT FREE FROM MOBILE PHONES and you will probably get charged at NATIONAL rate if you reply !!!


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The following information came from PhonepayPlus.


Number checker

PhonepayPlus has the following information about the number 83833.



This is a shortcode number. This is a text message service charged at premium rate. The types of services operating on this number can be ring tones, jokes, games tarot, chat, mobile internet services (WAP) and more.

This service costs ?3.00 per text.

To stop the service you simply need to open a text with the words STOP ALL (in capitals) to the shortcode number.If you would like to find out more about this service or have a question about it you should contact the company that provides this service which is listed below.


mBlox Ltd

1 Oliver's Yard

55-71 City Road



Tel: 08712 230 000

service@mblox.com and customer_care@mblox.com


If you want to make a complaint to PhonepayPlus or want to contact us about this service please follow the steps here.


Want to find out more about Phone Paid Services.



PhonepayPlus endeavours to publish accurate information concerning the services identified by its number checker. But it does not guarantee the accuracy or the content of such information, and cannot be held liable for any losses of any kind howsoever arising as a result of any reliance on, or useage of, such information.

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