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Evil Sid

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Whilst reminiscing over Bill Tidy in another topic I got to thinking about some of the things that I miss from when I was younger.


It started with my collection of GILES annuals of which I had a good collection at one time, One of the things I used to look forward too was getting my hands on the latest one and spending hours poring over the details of each cartoon chuckling as I found something that I had previously missed. Maybe I was a bit odd as most of the kids I knew wanted the dandy annual or the beano but all i ever asked for the latest GILES. Sadly my collection has disappeared somewhere along the way but I still smile as I remember Grandma with her brolly and more than a passing resemblance to Malcolm Muggeridge.


It also got me to thinking about some off the TV that I watched avidly one such programme being the great egg race. I used to sit fascinated watching as serious faced people carefully wound up their inventions and set them off to trundle slowly across the studio floor in an attempt to transport an egg the furthest.


So what do you miss from years back that maybe inspired you or just gave you a laugh.

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The Dandy and Beano Annuals. Sheesh! What a memory that brought back. My brother wouldn't let me read his. One day I was lying on my stomach reading his Beano and he came in and caught me and snatched it away. So I jumped up and grabbed his Dandy and wacked him on his head with it. His legs buckled under him and he went down in a heap. Scared the proverbial out of me. Momma gave me a spanking and sent me up to my room for the rest of the day. No tv, xbox or computer in those days so I was bored out of my skull and started stripping the wallpaper off - deeper into the manure when momma saw what I had done! :lol::lol::lol:

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The Goon Show, on "The BBC Home Service"


The Voice of America jazz hour on shortwave radio - reception was appalling but the music was brilliant.


"Night Train" on AFN (American Forces Network) - again reception terrible but music brilliant.


All the proles were listening to Elvis or The Beatles on BBC or pirate radios. Better reception but appalling music. Little did they know!


Going back further, The Eagle Comic, Wizard, Hotspur. And on Radio Luxembourg there was "Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future" (sponsored by Horlicks, I think).

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I remember that, I'd always say it's not bedtime till the Ovaltinies have been on. I don't know how old I was then but it must have been before our first telly (rented from Ridings near Central Station) when I was 11.


My most memorable TV watch was the first moon landing back in 1969. Our telly by then was on it's last legs and needed a new "picture valve" as my day used to call it, every couple of days. By the time the first step were taken, the picture quality which wasn't great to start with had degraded to the point where we could hardly see anything, but despite this we watched on. This wasn't just memorable because it was significant point in history, it was the only time I can ever remember sitting watching TV with my dad.


Second most memorable TV moment occurred sometime in the eighties and while flicking through the channels (all four of them) I heard something about 3D TV and as a radio engineer I was intrigued. They explained it was early days and not to expect too much. They said the system had been developed in the USA that uses a different (NTSC) rather the British (Pal) format, but not to worry because they had in the studio a special converter.


Next, they said that all tests had only been done in black and white, so it was necessary to turn off all the TV colours. Then they said the 3D effect only happens at certain light levels and it would be best to close any curtains. I’m getting excited now and following their instructions to the letter. Now turn the brightness down till the screen is black and put your face three inches from the screen. Now very slowly increase the brightness until you see an image appearing. I gradually see the message April Fool on the screen. Hook, line and bloody sinker!


The lads at work almost peed themselves with laughter when I told them what I’d fallen for but in all fairness it was still March at the time but the shows presenter (Tony Wilson) wanted to get this one in before the end of his series.


As Harry would say Happy Days.


Bill :)

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